Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The List #8 part 1

Ms. Marvel #44
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Sana Takeda

This biweekly's serving of Ms. Marvel was less than thrilling. And Sana Takeda, that blasted Anime artist, is back. What's worse is I find myself liking him/her sometimes. The issue begins with Moonstone finding Ms. Marvel's attack on Norman unintelligent and out of character while Norman is like "The threat is gone, stop thinking!" I find this to be totally un-Norman like considering how absolutely paranoid he is. Plus, he's usually drawn the look like Nixon for heaven's sake, of course he's got to have the paranoia.

The Catherine Donovan plot continued slowly and painfully. The girl is more boring than white bread. On the other side, what the hell is with Ms. Marvel's Illyria from Angel routine? Isn't Ares doing a good enough job of narcissistic speechifying? That or she ends up sounding like the Phoenix. And don't even get me started with this shit:

Jean is regretting her decision to play God right about now.

Also, the issue involves the Dark Avengers going to fetch Catherine Borington. I have to say that I LOVE the DA team, I find it extremely unfortunate that Fraction is dominating the DA title right now because Brina Michael Bendis was producing GOLD.

Also, Karla was fun again this issue, not amazing considering Reed has no idea how to use a wonderfully bitchy character, but we get tidbits like these that shine:

Half of the reason I love this is because this is SO something I've said before.
Overall, issue was plain and left me with little to say, which is disappointing considering how much I liked the last issue.

Gotham City Sirens #3
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Guillem March

This issue was mad heavy with the word bubbles, but Lobdell made it work. The issue focuses on the "new" Batman and the reformed Riddle solving a case. We only get two seconds of the girls. I don't even understand why the fuck this happened because honestly I buy Gotham City Sirens FOR THE GIRLS. Someone said in a review that the series would be better without the series titular characters. I say, how fucking dumb are you? Gotham Girls is about the GOTHAM GIRLS. If it's not working, then you redo the deal, but WITH THE GIRLS.

At least we get Poison Ivy love along with her powers reacting to her emotions:

What wasn't fun and in fact, totally offensive because it was a bunch of female objectification, was the shop "owner's work outfit":

I think the only occupations that accept this as work attire are rock star, stripper, and whore. and to add insult to injury, during the fight scene her fucking skirt when up.
Leave this issue on the shelves for feminism's sake.

Dark X-Men The Beginning #3

Writer #1: Paul Cornell
Artist #1: Leonard Kirk
Finally, in this thankfully last issue, we have the Emma story. Except I have SO little to say on it. First question, why is Emma in her Dark X-Men outfit in her astral form? Shouldn't she be in her true identity? Y/y? She also almost sounds like herself when she gets pissed off about Namor not actually loving mutants, then goes, "Oh whatever, I don't actually give the much of a shit!" Which I couldn't tell if she really meant it or was being sarcastic then. For those who would argue the answer is clear, she cares, let me say that two years ago Emma was not Momma Mutation. She was amoral, bitchy Emma, aka THE REAL ONE. Maybe Cornell has the good sense to try and revive her. Whatever.

Writer #2: Jason Aaron
Artist #2: Jock
Probably one of the better stories of this series, it centers around Mystique and Osborn. Definitely read what you can of it, some can be found here. For once, the character being recruited actually feels like the center of the story rather than the story focusing on how Osborn is a bully. The biker ass-kicking scene was full of awesome and I have to say I adore this panel:

Writer #3: Simon Spurrier
Artist #3: Paul Davidson
This story was probably my favorite out of the series. It focuses on Aurora, Northstar's twin sister and I happen to be quite sad that her spicyness did not join the horribly mundane Dark X-Men. And she totally one-upped Osborn. Look for the story in the same journal I linked for the Mystique story.

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