Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exiles #6 Review

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Salvador Espin
Unfortunately, this review comes in about two weeks late, but I still needed to pay tribute to Exiles as it ended up turning out to be a wonderful reboot to the series that was sadly stopped abruptly. I actually found this last issue to be the best though, so I almost wonder if it's better that it ended so quickly as sometimes I did find the issues slow-paced. Anyway, onto the review!

To begin, when Exiles Wanda sees Alt. Wanda and she says "Does she have to dress so slutty?" or something, that's a self aware statement right? The only difference in outfits is that Exiles Wanda has a cape and headdress.

My biggest, BIGGEST love in this issue, possibly this month is Parker's Alt Emma Frost. Because she. Is. Emma. Hear that Fraction? THIS is Emma Frost. In almost every way, this realities Emma Frost is what she should be, even today with her different roles and responsibilities. Also, Gen X love!

Together again!
Anyway, this Emma is just like she should be all the time, she's wearing a skanky costume and most importantly:

She kills like the old Emma!
Unfortunately the victim is Exiles Wanda:(
So in the issue, Emma and Scott's affair is used as a way to destroy the alliance, so I assume in this reality Emma represents the Brotherhood side. Another fun aspect is seeing Jean get all psycho fun like she does every so often. Made me miss her a bit *tear*.

The reality is "fixed" in a lesser of two evils way and the group returns to see Morph for him to explain the two evils thing. With puppets!!

Can I get the Emma one?! Even though it's part of Morph's hand.
Morph Love Part 2.

Seriously, this series was usually solid for at least one LOL per issue.
The team figures out that Blink is feigning dumb about the Exiles deal, so they knock her out and dump Morph to go to the Crystal Palace. From there it is discovered that the Exiles are actually multiple squads and more importantly, the old Exiles are leading the way! Also, apparently Claremont's abominations are stuck in stasis, so I suppose that's one way to flip that douche off. The ONLY bad thing about this is that Sage is part of them and I have a weird love for Sage. Also, they even showed her in her old X-Treme X-Men costume:

Most of the rest of the issue explains how the Exiles deal has functioned, functions, and will continue to function with one of the most satisfying explanations that only Parker could give us. I would explain it but A. I'm lazy B. you should really just buy the blasted issue because it's packed with awesome. He even wrapped up loose plot threads like Morph's Proteus deal. I suppose it's just as well since this may be the last we see of the Exiles for awhile.

The new, non-Claremont Exiles are shown how their realities continued in their absence. And it is revealed that this reality's Beast is gay and coupled with Wonder Man. Who tragically died. But whatever, I like this because it plays on 616 Beast's almost-gayness. Which is how you correctly reference Morrison, Fraction!

Also, Forge was thinking of Ororo at some point and this is the picture shown:

The Crying Game, anyone?
Seriously, what a tranny.
The issue ends with super group shot time with Nocturne taking the place of Blink on the team and Alt Wanda being revealed without the team's knowing. Which is spicy since Exiles Wanda was bland and her and the Polaris sister/BFF thing was sort of lame. And that's it for the review. Until you rise again in five years like Jean Grey!

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Luis Alberto said...

Haha totally agree with you, exiles Emma was amazing in this issue. Love the psychic affair with Scott, and the "fight" with Jean in Emma's mind.
Too bad that exiles Wanda has to die in order to the shining moment of exiles Emma, but hey! somebody must be sacrificed some times ^_^
By the way I love your reviews very "Emma" from you :)