Friday, September 11, 2009

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: Mike Deodato and Terry Dodson
Again, cover is superior and Bianchi should have definitely been the artist on the Namor vs. The Sentry fight. Because I'd f#@%ing love me some Namor done in Bianchi's gay porn pencils. Anyway, welcome to the conclusion of the barely progressive Utopia. You may as well call it Messiah War. This issue opens with ANOTHER revisit to the pointless Emma/Scott secrets debate which has been WAY overhyped. The result is they try to discuss it like rational adults in an undramatic fashion. While they don't discuss it, they probably will and it won't be all that epic. Oh and I love this.

Apparently she had an idea of what was going on. Gee, no shit, as she once stated, she knows the telepathic feeling of someone being dead real well. I can imagine that would also mean she can sense when people's minds are fixated on it as well.
The majority of this issue has Mike Deodato as the artist and I LOVE HIM. He is the master artist for all things Dark Reign and Thunderbolts related and I just hope that when Dark Reign falls, he will follow Osborn back to Thunderbolts mountain.

This issue is basically a big fight scene, definitely more satisfying than Fraction's previous attempts, but he stills fails at really getting into the meat of a fight scene considering we get a page dedicated to Archangel and Bullseye's entering the fight without the payoff of a real hardcore fight scene. Also, concerning when Bullseye shot out his arrows, what the hell is this?

Exactly how much abuse are the gays going to take this crossover? JESUS!
Also, is that my beloved Husk?! HAY GURRLL!!!
Daken and X-23's fight scene was extremely disappointing, I can't believe she had to take help from Wolverine's other lackeys, Hisako and Pixie. Seriously, in a fair world I think calculating X-23 would've won against cocky Daken. Everyone else's fights I sort of felt mainly indifferent about, especially Cyclops and Osborn's. But I did think it fucking dumb that Nekra, Frenzy, and Bling! could take down Moonstone. Like the X-23 fight, it was just pure bullshit. However, something I did like during the fight scenes:

I thought this was epic.
I also thought Dani Moonstar kicking some ass was divine. Seriously, I now officially LOVE the New Mutants.
Speaking of things I thought were impossible:

That's impossible.
Dark Beast does not have the power to defeat Northstar or Dazzler separately, let alone together.
Luckily, Fraction had a moment of genuine talent and wrote a scene that felt like Emma was actually in-character:

This next scene is a bit funny. Fraction is in essence citing back to another appearance by Emma that similarly lacks any of her personality and treats her like Jean-lite. It's bland, Emma's too mom-like, and Dodson's the artist for this scene. But then tragedy strikes as Emma holds back the Void.

Emma takes a piece of the Void in her and is stuck in diamond form for fear of releasing the Void is her powerful telepathic mind. Which, by the way, IS NOT OMEGA LEVEL. Fraction, stop trying to amp up your "love" for her by over-citing past appearances she's had as well as over-amping her powers. If she were Omega she would've stood a chance against Jean, but she didn't. Emma Frost's strength was that while she was not the most powerful she was incedibly skilled and practiced in her powers that usually had daily practice considering her amoral nature. She could've been trapped in diamond from this entire past year though considering how overused her diamond power is in Uncanny. While I'm glad she'll be all cold and emotionless for awhile, that fact is she was already evil before this crap. Well. Not evil, but she was the team bitch. Stop trying to make it look like her being evil is foreign and only happens when it's forced on her. I'm just glad Astonishing is apparently ignoring this diamond-state deal.

The issue wraps up with Moonstone coming to get Osborn since the cameras are all out and they'd have to kill all the X-Men to win. Osborn gets all pissy with her and she's all damsel-y. Which is, again, bullshit. Moonstone is a capable woman who would calmly get Osborn to stop and look around. Not whimper. Not be beaten by a bunch of D-Listers. Anyway, I do happen to love the massive group shot, despite the fact that none of my favorite characters are in it. It's all over here!

In the end, we get ANOTHER, fucking MILLIONTH "The whole world is watching"as well as speeches of boringdom from both sides. Sadly, Dark X-Men are still alive and now apparently in the same league as the Dark Avengers. So far from the truth. Oh and there's one more thing:

That's also from Morrison's News X-Men. Morrison needs to sue for overuse of his work.
Also, it seems all of Fraction's ideas are from Morrison's run. I liked this issue, but fucking A Fraction's writing is pathetic.
Finally word, buy this issue, but honestly only the intro and conclusion are worth owning. It's not the best, but it's finally a decent amount of drama and fighting. What's also good about this is that Necrosha preview is in the back. It's AMAZING! I'm so excited to review this.

One last thing, here's the Bianchi cover gallery I promised, google for bigger images, they're not hard to find:

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