Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Has some of you may have noticed, this past school year has been hectic for me and has lead to a lot of late posting especially during the past few months. It's basically my work load for school that's been the problem combined with the social life I try to reclaim on the weekends that's lead to little free time or will to do anything else.

Most importantly, when I do post I find that the quality is just not there like it used to be, and I just seem to lack enthusiasm enough to try and pick out the humorous elements that I used to find. It's also because I pick out too many books to talk about and keep around ones that do nothing but irritate me now. In order to get back to posting like that I really need to take a break from this blog and get back my wit and sass. I'll still be randomly posting at my [comic book Tumblr] because it's one of the most mindless forms of blogging I've ever seen. To conclude, I do intend on returning to this blog because the need to discuss comic books at length is too strong, but for now I need to devote my energies elsewhere.