Friday, September 25, 2009

The List #10

Uncanny X-Men #515
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Greg Land

Everyone please welcome back Greg Land! If this were a serious title, I'd be fuming pissed to see Greg Land's name on it, but as has been repeated over and over lately, these are "Fracticious times." Wonderful narcissism, Fraction, truly genius. Anyway, not a lot to love this issue or with this week's servings. Especially with this issue. First 8 pages are intro-ing pointless villains we know don't stand a chance against the X-Men, capturing a clone of Scalphunter that was featured in Divided We Stand. Or Manifest Destiny? No one really cares. Which is a theme for this issue actually. A lot of it is about Cyclops and his role as leader now which yet again, no one cares about since he's just an annoying manchild. That and Dr. Old Man Scientist of the X-Club's death which, again, no one really cares about. But here's a couple places of interest:

Also, wasn't it fucking weird how Cyclops was all "Aw, man," when everyone was around the body. Lame response, douchebag. Also, does anyone believe Danger will be able to rehab Shaw and Pierce? Seriously? Does anyone ever think that either of these men would be trusted outside of bars? Most fucking ridiculous idea this issue and there were a lot of them. Lastly onto Miss Frost:

I'd welcome back the
real Miss Frost except apparently this is only how she acts when she's stuck in diamond form. Since it makes her "emotionless". Yeah.

Ok, so first offense is writing the old Emma as the emotionless Emma since now we're supposed to buy that Emma is Momma Mutation. Second is Storm and Cyclops both freaking out on Emma for her callousness. In the above statement, her thoughts aren't altogether wrong, but more importantly are the team members not brief on each other's powers and their effects? I can't imagine Scott and Ororo don't know about Emma's emotionless factor in her diamond form. Seriously. Lastly, I noticed that the Void slice in Emma's head moves. So basically is looks like a black tadpole floating around in Emma's head then? Kinda Lolzy.

Conclusion: Not worth the effort to go get.

Dark Reign The List: X-Men
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Alan Davis

This story is basically about Osborn transforming Namor's ex-wife, Marrina, into killer fish that can only digest Atlanteans. And the X-Men/Namor killing her. That's it. But I do have a couple comments, first off:

The return of Betsy's butterfly!!
I love it!
That and I have to say I do not enjoy Namor's costume at the moment. This is because he lacks the usually naked factor that I've come to know and love. And as for Alan Davis, I have to wonder what the frack is with all the smiles on the X-Men as their trying to defeat shark Marrina? Seriously Davis, you're worse than Land. Also, the colorist on this issue was kinda shit. You could get away with not reading this issue your entire life, or to put it simply: leave this one on the shelves.
Dark X-Men: The Confession
Writers: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Artist: Bing Cansino

This is the conclusion of the pointless, overhyped Emma/Scott "secrets" debate where they spill the secrets and predictably realize they still love each other. Don't buy this unless you're a fucking idiot, and that's all I'm going to say on this issue because it's such a piece of shit it doesn't deserve any more of my attention.
Spider-Woman #1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev

There are mainly two times when I have trouble commenting on something: when something is mediocre and boring or when something is so well-written my thoughts are unnecessary. Spider-Woman #1 is the latter. BMB turns out an excellent story and probably the only good one this week actually. Alex Maleev, who I did not love at all in Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, shaped up his work where it gives an excellent dark tone to the story. I've also seen this work as a motion comic and it is phenomenal, potentially better than the comic itself, I highly reccomend digging into your piggy banks if your low on comic book funds because Spider-Woman is that good. And also, possibly going to take Ms. Marvel's place in solo female title considering what's going on there...
Ms. Marvel #45
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Phillip Briones

This serving of Ms. Marvel is almost as bad as the MODOK story. Yet again the Ms. Marvel readers need to ask Reed, "Why the f#@% do we care about Catherine Donovan?" Even the sort-of explanation of her happening we got this issue does not cut it. Catherine Donovan is just another piece of crap idea coming out of this mostly mediocre Dark Reign deal. And poor Moonstone is now possessed by Catherine because Norman killed her body. Oh well, not like Reed was using Moonstone correctly anyway. I'm seriously thinking of dropping this series post-Moonstone. Also, absolutely dreadful art this issue:

Plain and simple: Don't buy it.

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Luis Alberto said...

Hey again, great reviews as usual.
I just read all the comic books in your review, I don't buy them, luckyly, I have a friend who buy comics and then he shares them with me, I refused to buy again one uncanny xmen issue until he leaves the project or marvel dismiss him.
Anyway Uncanny Xmen is a really dissapointing issue, and why the hell Storm attacked Emma? damn I thought that the things were clear with both since they work together in Astonishing...
Agree, glad to see that Psylocke's butterfly is back again.
The Confession... well, too much drama right? it was a boring and pointles issue with things that we already know, just 2 or 3 things of this issue:
1.- Glad to see that Scott and Emma have (finally) a strong link of confidence and love. At this point I think that both have a stonger link than Jean/Scott never had.
2.- Love the kissing scene. I love when they share a passionate kiss, it reminds me the Morrison run, I don't know why.
3.- The final scene. That's how I imagined the fight on the final issue of utopia. Emma in the battlefield using her powers in an offensive way, to distract the Sentry so the xmen bruisers (Valkerie Moonstar, Colossus, Namor) or at least one of them could have the oportunuty of take him off.
Agree Spider woman was the best issue. Strong story, strong character, love the art. I was so upset with Marvel of what they did to Jessica in the skrull invation but I'm happy that justice is finally here form her.
And who the heck is Catherine Donovan? and why she possesed Moonstone? Ahh same as Emma, they are ruining a brilliant character.