Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The List #8 part 2

Dark Avengers #8
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Luke Ross

Once again, Bianchi's cover proves to be the superior one. Moving on, is there a specific reason why Matt Fraction writes the entire crossover? Isn't the point of a crossover to put together different talents? I seriously am so frustrated that Bendis was taken of the title for two months to let f#@#ing Fraction dominate. Seriously. What. The. Frack.

The issue begins with another page filler of showing the Dark X-Men at work. It's pointless. The issue itself is loads of mundane again, yet again I find myself with little to say. I have to say that X-Force's involvement with this crossover is annoying because THEY HAVE THEIR OWN BOOK. That and there are TONS of beloved characters in limbo. I know I'm repeating myself, but Fraction is repetitive.

Anyway, Emma finally reveals that she was never evil and just going along with things and all this pointless "OMG IF SCOTT FINDS OUT!" crap was just such a snore. But Emma does do something I wholeheartedly love:

Torture and abuse are her meat and potatoes.
So now we'll be returning to crappy, snarky Emma rather than absolutely void of personality Emma. Polishing the turd I suppose, but good news everyone LAND RETURNS NEXT ISSUE!!! I know I've claimed my hate for Land multiple times, but he makes Fraction's work campy. And since Fraction's staying on the title is an inconvenient truth, at least I get campy factor to work with now instead of mundane-ness. Expect my witty and bitchy factors to come back in full force soon! This issue definitely ends on a bad note though:

Why because that's what they think with?
Fraction, go fuck yourself, you sexist.

New Mutants #4

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Diogenes Neves

I have to say that New Mutants is quickly becoming the rising star of the X-Books in my opinion especially considering the improvement I find happening in each new issue. X-Force and New Mutants' improvement is actually causing me to feel excited for Necrosha which is surprising.

Anyway, really quick comments on the issue: I can't believe Cannonball is legit this dick-ish in the book, but the friction and tension he creates is love UNLIKE that created by Cyclops. Magik is legit badass and I SO hope her commanding force continues. And this totally creeped the hell out of me:

That and we get a glimpse of the REAL Emma Frost!!

I miss her in white!
Closing statements: Buy ALL the issues thus far!!

Runaways #13
Writer: Kathryn Immomen
Artist: Sara Pichelli

So few words are going to be said on this issue, it will be like a haiku. This issue is subpar, the dialogue is absolutely fucking awkward at times, the Nico/Chase kiss scene is total fanfiction crap, but I did like this spell:

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