Monday, November 30, 2009

The List #15

Uncanny X-Men #517
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Greg Land
This issue is yet again full of the same issues a lot of the X-Books have been having post-Utopia. The first problem is that "Utopia" is visually uninteresting. This issue itself was rendered visually boring by only having a character on a panel with just either sky or sea behind them. And the island itself is usually just...brown. Comic books rely on writing and art coming together, so when one fucks up, the entire product is screwed. Yet another fun problem courtesy of Fraction.
Land isn't much better, look at the cover. Wtf is he doing with Psylocke just randomly on Namor. With no legs. This cover is total fail.

This issue pretty much revolves around fighting the Predators and considering my thoughts on Matt Fraction's battle scenes, you can imagine how entertained I was. And honestly, considering how powered up the X-Men are now, I do not buy the Predators being that difficult.

We also had another showing "surfer summers" this month:

Freakin' Magneto!? Dude, I mean, BRAW! What the fuck, braw, what the fuck?!
By the way, "surfer summers" is now a tag so we can all track the random transformation of Cyclops from tightass WASP (as in the acronym, not the insect) to bro.

Um, does having psychic abilities arouse the psychics?
Seriously, remember last post's rant on the Cuckoos portrayal? This shit is why. The Cuckoos are at least still high school age and these poses are definitely sexualized. Dis-gust.

Anyway, the issue itself was mildly interesting. It was so sad to see the Cyclops had to present Magneto using his powers on the metal-skinned Predators as a stroke of genius. It should've been the fucking default idea and considering the man used to threaten to shift the magnetism of the entire planet, he should've had no trouble, old and repowered in a funky way or not.
I have way too much love for the Daz panel. Seriously, Diva's one panel appearance is just powerful woman love. Also, I kind of like the gay icon is next to the campy image of Wolverine which is done by Land and is recycled so often it's ridiculous. Oh and I should mention in case anyone is wondering about what happened to my following the cameo queens, especially in those four posts following their appearances. After Utopia, there were way too many appearances of the cameo queens as background filler and I have nowhere near the time to follow all of that nowadays. So cameo queens posts won't be updated anymore, but they'll still get attention as they appear in the comics I read.

Storm came into the fight late and was addressing the Predator when she entered. It sort of reminded me of her animated appearance with her weather haikus. We had creative use of Rogue time, which was admittedly cool, but felt forced as if Fraction is desperately looking for someone to think he's badass.

In the end, the Phoenix left the Cuckoos which led to Cyclops telling Emma she needs the Void thing taken care of. I'm thrilled because that dumbass diamond move has affected her appearances everywhere, so it's still not her anywhere but Astonishing. Seriously, this has been since the beginning of Utopia. WTF. Anyway, I'm glad the Phoenix left the Cuckoos since that was a big damage of Phoenix Warsong. Hope they don't get portrayed as normal now that they don't have their "diamond hearts". Good news though is that Phoenix activity means one thing which I dread Fraction's hand being on the project of: Jean's coming back! But I remember what she once said:

I invite it to come burn away what doesn't work then.

Gotham City Sirens #6
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Guillem March
I adore the cover of this issue. Because I adore Ivy, of course. Sadly, this issue disappointed more than the last. It's depressing that a series the promotes three villainess' antics ends up rotating around men who have barely anything to do with the title. Seriously, it's the most sexist shit I've ever seen. When this book gets cancelled, which I'm sorry to say but it probably will, I would just like everyone to know why. I buy the book for Ivy and Harley. I expect their character's to be delved into. Not this 2-dimensional treatment their getting now. Don't argue that they aren't dynamic characters--I've got a massive folder of scans to prove otherwise. In the end, this is simply depressing. I was so thrilled to hear about this book when it was introduced too.

New Mutants #7
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Diogenes Neves
I have to say I regret missing and promoting the action of New Mutants #6. Turns out I missed Amara getting stabbed/shot/wounded. And Warlock being beheaded. This issue's pretty interesting as it delves into Cypher's problems with being controlled and his trying to fight it. It's intense except for that fucking stupid question he asks when he's trying to figure himself out: "What language am I?!?!" Fucking cheesy. But Wells is definitely taking this Necrosha, dead mutant deal seriously as we see Jetstream get cut in half this issue. Yay for upping the action of this series. Anyway, I don't have much else to say on this issue but buy it and that I love this line that Magik and Colossus share:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The List #14

X-Force #21
Writers: Chris Yost and Craig Kyle
Artist: Clayton Crain

X-Force returns to us this month with the better of the two rotating artists, Clayton Crain, covering Necrosha. Which I love considering his goth-y style. Choi's pretty pencils are better suited on a book less involved with frequently eviscerating people.

Looking at the Preview (Clickety) you see Vanisher returning to be almost cut by Tarot's Death card. Um. Yeah is it me or does Death look and move like one of the Reaper thingies from Devil May Cry 3? Yes/Yes?

Also in the previews we have probably the first time Crain really draws any real amount of the X-Men. And I have to say they all look mighty epic! And the colorful factor is really dazzling especially since that's never seen with X-Force's grey and black fashion preference. Oh and another epic moment made more epic with Crain is:

Yar, so Banshee is among the resurrected specifically picked out to disturb the almighty fuck out of Emma. Funny that, she's trapped in, y'know, emotionless diamond form. Whatever, a writer remembering Emma's time in Generation X is a gift anyway. Yeah and Sean and some others show resistance towards their programming. Which makes me wonder if that means they'd actually keep the resurrected mutants alive considering how resurrection-happy things have been already. It'd be sort of tragic since it'd just continue to show how little death means in the Marvel universe.

Now wouldn't that be exciting? I'd love the return of the Cuckoos best sisters. And a Jean appearance would of course be absolutely delicious. Imagine having God at your control. It's what Selene would have if she got Jean.

In the end of this issue we discover Selene is resurrecting all the dead mutants of Genosha, which is pretty much the inverse of Morrison's New X-Men and I have to say a really cool idea. Especially since I thought this crossover was going to be really simple and mildly boring. Now i'm sort of looking forward to it.

Dark Avengers #11
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

I usually love this series, but this issue there was only ONE thing interesting about it: We find out Victoria Hand is a lesbian! That's it.

X-Men Legacy #229
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Daniel Acuna

Most of this issue is Rogue running around trying to save Bling! and that's endlessly interesting in al the ways that aren't. I like Rogue, but she's only so interesting in these sort of "Search and Rescue" and "Run away!" situations because there's very limited opportunities for personality to come through. Good news though: Gambit finds out about Rogue going on the mission and throws a little bitch fit.

This is the second time Scott been all surfer-like. Seriously, no tightass like Cyclops goes around say "What's wrong,
man?" Like why doesn't he just start going "Aw bro, that sucks balls, dude!"
Oh and it turns out Gambit is still Death Archangel. The originality is staggering. At least he reflects on his transformation:

We see his abs.
We love his abs.
Shirtless Gambit is a good day.
Ok, people, you may want to start pressing the follow button on this blog. I think it's possible my voice is being heard by Mike Carey himself. For he heard my cries!! FOR MOREEEE........

Oh my good gravy Jesus she's more fabulous than condensed Gay Pride.
Ok, so to review: According to me and this blog, this character is a tranny, meaning transsexual, meaning delicious potential for character development. Anyway, I made a promise to Carey to sing his praise whenever he bothers to include Ariel in his series. Carey, if you are listening out there, I will keep continuing this promise and I want to up my offering: if you make Ariel a regular character on X-Men Legacy then I'll get a year's subscription. If you go with making her trans then I'll be two years. Not kidding, I'll scan the board that comes with comic book subcriptions to prove it. (I don't actually think he has any idea this blog exists or my love for Ariel, but on the off chance he finds this place, he needs to know my dedication to making Ariel get more attention.)

So she shows up and does the fabulous thing naturally. And I just have to say that I love that she watches daytime TV. I'd bet dollars to donuts she watches The View.

Belt it, Diva!
Ok, now I have to bitch. I know I said I'd sing Carey's praise. And I do, he's an amazing writer. I love him unconditionally for his time on X-Men before Legacy and for introducing Ariel into my life. But like your mother, I'll always love you, but you'll also never be completely good enough. My problem is this: Why do writers love Dr. Nemesis? They write him like such a cheap immitation of House it's sad. Like boys boys boys, stop using your House fan fiction to write him. And kill him off actually. But suppose that's too much to ask.

But love to Acuna for drawing the Cuckoos in an age-appropriate, non-slutty way. Now, I still don't like the schoolgirl gimmick, but it's hard to tell if that's what is being done here. The thing is: They're 16. Schoolgirl thing is often a sexualized deal and this is comic books where women are often sexualized. So I'm just saying the artists should take into consideration that half the students are Sophomore age and watch how they portray them since shit like Land's sexualized Pixie is one of the most creepy things I've ever seen. Seriously, that's unacceptable. Anyway, summary, good on Acuna for that one.

Conclusion, buy this issue because Ariel is in it. Check how I said that. I didn't say if you like Ariel, buy it. I said
buy the issue with the reasoning of because Ariel is in it. Get on it and Carey, X-pect a question from me about Ariel in your next X-Position.

Spider-Woman #3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
I know I seem lazy by doing this again, but A. I've had a frackin' exhausting week B. I want you to fucking watch the motion comics of this. K, so same as last time, this series is fucking epicly amazing. Watch it online and buy every issue that releases.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Astonishing X-Men #32 Review

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Phil Jimenez
This issue continues where the last one left, with Emma clearly still being in denial over Laurie Collins and her fake comeback. It's sort of an intense moment if you're paying attention because this moment sort of exposes how extremely fucked Emma is mentally when it comes to her kids being dead. Seriously, this is an accurate display of how Emma is a little nuts because of her past failures to save her kids.

Except one problem. This same scene JUST played last week in X-Necrosha. I mean this scene is superior to the other and just more believable for multiple reasons. Still, it's a repeat. But I mean, fucking last week's scene was worse for a big reason: She's stuck in diamond form. How writers expect to use Emma dramatically until this Void matter is fixed is ridiculous. Was
anyone on the fucking X-Writing Team informed as to what the term emotionless means? Because it's not a disturbed reaction to dead students. She can't feel anything! If you're going to respect Fraction's poor choices, you also need to respect the conditions made by them.

But this all doesn't matter since Emma just ends up getting smacked by the Evil Dead Sentinel.

But she takes it like a diva!
(With heavy amounts of sweat, a crooked wig, and a crack pipe!)
And then that's it for her for the entire battle. Which is most of the issue. So you can imagine how endlessly interesting that was. Storm appeared for a page to zap some Brood, but she was just second place to Miss Frost for that Ignored During Battles Award. Miss Frost actually pretty much always should get that award since she's always fucking being knocked out, totally ignored, or like in X-Necrosha, not well enough to fight.

I get that she's not thought of as useful against sentinels, I played X-Men Legends. But for fuck's sake, is Beast? Is Wolverine? Armor? Cyclops, just barely really. It's a team of with mostly physically-based mutants. Emma is probably the most useful player in this fight, she's not just mildly bestial like Wolverine and Beast, her diamond power has no limits like Armor's armor. Cyclops is vulnerable as a normal man with eye beams. Only Storm really is more powerful in this battle. I have to say I'm glad the Brood is part of this arc though because I do enjoy them as scary motherfucking villains. Also:

I'm so down with the Brood missiles idea.
So many loads of awesome, it could get you pregnant.
(No, I'm not glorifying man fluids as superior, I just took the opportunity to make a dirty joke.)

Also, I've been reading around the review sphere, something I try to do sparingly since it affects what I think sometimes, BUT I've found this consistent complaint to merit mention here. According to some reviewers, Ellis is not writing the other X-Men to sound like themselves and that only Emma and Agent Brand sound like themselves. And it's said in such a way as if he can only write the snarky bitches. Except that means that he can't write them either if that's true since then he's just writing a bitchy woman stereotype mold thing rather than Emma Frost and Abigail Brand as two different characters. Emma Frost and Abby Brand are two completely different women, they may sound similar, but honestly, written right their humor is noticeably not the same. Emma's is more geared to be irreverent, cruelly honest and just meant to piss people off. Brand is simply sarcastic no emotion rather than Emma's tones of excited-to-be-mean even if she's pissed. Comparisons? Emma's funny like a drag queen and Brand is funny like the sexless, unpleasant, hardworking woman stereotype she often times also portrays.

Anyway, I actually do think Ellis is finally getting the hang of writing Emma especially now that he's not using the "If (negative condition) then I will simply (negative action)," formula. AND I totally think he's writing Logan as anyone else would write him: overspotlighted and needlessly "badass". It's biz as usual with him really. Whatever, I think most of the X-Men write now for the most part sound like themselves.

This panel is funny because Jimenez drew Scott in New X-Men and here he looks younger, more attractive, and having a better body than he did then. Those X-Men and their wacky aging. I hate to say it, but Scott looks a bit sexy here. And Emma's being divine in this scene.

This scene being Logan being all macho man and sassing Scott by saying is just trying to be manly by not having any painkillers while Logan has a healing factor so he can take more. And I'm sure his ability to "take it" is why he's all agitated manly man now. Oh the ongoing love affair between Scott and Logan, who knew the furry little animal was a bottom? By the way, do note both men's shirtlessness in this scene. Together yet again, you can practically hear them silently cursing Emma for being there.

That's just beautiful, that's what that is.
I've ALWAYS wanted someone else besides me to think up that threat.
Anyway, in the end of the issue apparently it's revealed the evil aliens are using dead mutants as weapons against the X-Men. Hmm. Yet again, X-Necrosha anyone? Seriously, does Ellis attend the writer conferences so this shit doesn't happen or is he like, "Fuck this, I’m writing about MY possessed dead mutants!” Whatever, I'm still more impressed with Astonishing anyway.

Conclusion: Ignore the reviewers who have shit to say about this arc. They probably like Fraction anyway, so you can imagine how much their opinion counts for. Astonishing still has the best cast, better art, and I'm just telling you to buy it. So do so.

Psylocke #1 Review

Writer: Christ Yost
Artist: Harvey Tolibao
From glorified cameo queen to B-List superstar, our dear Psylocke has come a long way. Psylocke fans, don't flip your shit over that though, she may be no A-List Emma Frost, Cyclops, Wolverine, or any of that, but considering Fraction's reign and ruining of some these said characters, I think we can be grateful for B-List status. As she is my second favorite X-Man, I have to say I'm absolutely thrilled at Psylocke's promotion to this limited series. Anyway, girl's got the upgrade and I almost find her becoming sort of like the X-Men's Spider-Woman. Rising in popularity without becoming too A-List and having her personality removed. And I guess they both have British accents? (According to the Motion comic, Jessica does.)

Also, apparently the artist of this mini series is Harvey Taliboa. You may recognize dear Harvey as I did from Ultimate X-Men #93 where he also drew Psylocke, briefly. He's generally good, but I do have to say the way he works his pencils leaves action scenes looking a bit too cluttered and confusing.

The issue opens with the X-Kids being in trouble on Fracking Rock. Psylocke and Diva Daz show up to steal the show with Diva shooting out a laser that apparently...did nothing? Like they use her powers, but it's as if these powers are just meant to distract people on PCP. Anyway, Psylocke takes center stage and takes care of Sack with psychic suggestion mentioning how she could tell him to die. I consider this a much neglected idea about the psychics, the fact that they could be like {Die!} and most peeps would be like, "Fuck yes!" Seriously, I even have this idea for a scene where Emma witnesses someone die gruesomely in front of her in a massive battle, and she snaps and starts death commanding the fuck out of the enemies causing everyone to turn to stopping her. I of course have LOADS more ideas for this story, but that would totally be a badass psychic moment I would do. Anyway, it's awkward to see Betsy philosophizing murder with the kids, but whatever, her butterfly is totally gorg.

Moving on, Betsy goes to see her original body which is all corpsiriffic, and Emma says that she's never looked better. And Dazzler throws a bitch fit. Which is interesting for a couple reasons: as if Emma's joke really would piss anyone off that much. Also, I have to say I hate Emma appearances now because every writer seems to want to try out being a bitch with her now even though they didn't pre-locked-in-diamond. This is bull. Emma was a MEAN bitch before Fraction and I'm really hoping some writers will remember this post-Void. At least Betsy mentions finding Emma amusing, meaning she appreciates that Emma is just bitchy but not always actively out for a fight. The way she puts it also suggests she knows that this is always Emma. Although what she means by Emma being transparent is a WTF for me. How the hell is Emma being transparent by making one sarcastic remark??

Ok, last panel of this image, something I've been wondering for a LONG time about Psylocke is how she's maintained her unnaturally colored hair. She's not Polaris, who's mutation originally was green hair, and she's not Surge who's usually close to home enough to get the dye job done. Betsy's lived in the Australian outback, wanered around the Multiverse, and just gone everywhere, where does she get A. The time B. The dye itself? Seriously, was there an underground Hot Topic in Australia? Like this isn't just a hair color you pick up at your local Rite Aid, is her secondary mutation producing hair dye for when those nasty roots come in?

Psylocke decides to take the body back to Japan and Logan makes one of his sage-like appearances as the man who's done it all and has had shit done to him and like totally knows life. As if every other X-Man's struggles are totally discounted and they'll never know true meaningfulness. This time he doesn't so much dole out advice, but it's implied that this is his function in this scene and he in a roundabout way does something remarkable. That is when Betsy talks to him she realizes he hasn't changed and it's sort of like a sigh of relief for her that for once she has someone who's just like she remembered them. I fear for his re-appearance though.

I LOVE that Yost remembered to put in that Betsy was an original blonde and that her former job was being a pilot. Seriously, Yost does an amazing job reminding us of Betsy's past. Also, I love the mention of why she can fly the X-Jet because I feel like it's assumed any X-Men can fly the fucking thing which is sort of funny considering it's a fucking JET.

What I'd be curious to see is a reminisce back to the days where Betsy worked as one of the government's psychics AND more importantly, when Diva was a model. Especially since I'd love to hear why her hair was dyed purple as a model considering anyone who's seen ANTM for a couple episodes knows that that'd be a bad idea. Also, it'd be cool if during the closing scene, instead of just the usual strut she gets all high fashion runway with her hands on her hips and atittude everywhere and is all, "Bish! I may be a ninja/psychic/objectified female character now, but I used to WORKKK the runway!" Actually, speaking of modeling:

What the almighty fuck is with her sashes?
Are they sentient?!
Seriously, it's bad enough half the entire issue she's working the wind-in-the-hair when there's no other indication of a breeze or her even moving, but her sashes are always doing the same thing. I was sort of surprised to not see them poking out when she was sitting in the jet. Does she have to feed the bitches or do they just get their fill from always voguing it out? Or does this explain her almost total absence of her telekinesis since she's been back? She's just using it to animate her sashes and hair all the time so she seems like a f#$@ing Greek goddess? Either way, I'm totally going to be on sash watch this series.

OMG, someone remembers she's still telekinetic?!
Backtracking, up until this point she's been on her way to Japan, Japan's like "No more mutants!" and she's like "Forget this shit, I'm psychically manipulating you!" Then ninjas attack. And from there they destroy her body and she gets all, "I'm gonna kill Bill" about Mats'uo. End issue. To conclude, sadness for British body, pick up this issue if you're a Psylocke fan, if not I'd say get it if you have a bit of extra cash. OH and don't bother reading the Hope backstory, it's as boring as Cable. Which I wish was a commonly used simile. Like it's the new "It's as fun as watching paint dry." Now it's all, "It's about as fun as reading an issue of Cable." Anyway, here endeth the review.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The List #13

All right, SO this bitchy blogger has been sick since the fucking 21st of last month, I'm pretty much good now, but that's why you've been deprived of my snarkery. Here's the deal: During my sickness, I was going over and reading my blog and I feel like quality has taken a hit over quantity. I talk about a MUCH bigger variety of comic books than I did when I started out, but honestly the posts I did when I was only teasing Uncanny were my best. With this post I'm going to be loads more brief since I have too much to catch up on and I'm essentially going to talk about what comics are staying and which are going. Also, my tastes are made pretty clear by this blog, if you have a comic book series you think I'd like and would be a good addition to this blog, then speak up! Anyway, onward:

Dark Avengers #10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato
DA is finally back where it needs to be and it's beautiful. Now, a few problems include the f#@%ing gross flirtation between Moonstone and Bullseye. Honestly, I find it really unlikely that this shit would've taken place if Fraction had not tampered with her character and called her a whore. I honestly felt like BMB understood Ellis' demonstration of Moonstone as a woman who is honest about fulfilling her sexual needs without shame or subtlety. Instead, we get making her a whore. Lame and tired. By the way, The Sentry "dies" again. And no one cares because he isn't actually dead yet. BMB, this month it seems you have missed out on what things are tired and overused. These things are: making women whores and killing the Sentry. Don't do it. Otherwise, this book's coming always excites me and I'm rarely disappointed by BMB.

X-Factor #50
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Valentine De Landro
Underwhelming. This issue we wrapped a lot of mediocre, mundane plots. No use of X-Factor the team besides Layla and Madrox. Whatever, at least we might actually see X-Factor after this shit. Except in the ending bonus part of the issue we see the Franklin and Valeria Richards are being added to the cast. Or for the arc. Valeria is replacing Layla as precocious girl. Which is a shitty fix. And the Fantastic Four being involved in anything I read pisses me off since few characters irritate me more and cheese me out. You'll hear more about that in the next X-Factor reviews I'm sure. Anyway, my single biggest problem with this issue is the explanation of Layla's power (she brings things back from the dead but without "souls, lamesauce I know) sort of destroys the character. What's worse is Layla is apparently not a precog, but she just had knowledge of the next 80 years that was jumbled. Now I'm going to explain David's mistake with Layla. Layla was my largest draw to X-Factor when I bought it at #13. She was for a lot of other people too. Then she got put away for a bit during a big Madrox-being-amazing deal during which the amazing Pablo Raimondi was on pencils. Then she came back for a mediocre arc. Then some stuff happened. She left. She and Wolfbane get replaced by Darwin and Longshot, two characters who should've never entered the series as they have yet to have any real character time. I have barely any sense of personality with them. Plus the cast already was starving for attention as Madrox kept getting too much of it. In the absence of Layla, the book spent a lot of time being lackluster and not worth reading. She returned as a taciturn, full-grown woman. It wasn't fun and from there she's been turned from the girl that brought me in to the woman who I can't stand to read. Anyway, now we have more stories coming that'll likely focus too much on Madrox and still neglect the absurdly large cast. I'll stay with the book, but it'd best pick up.

Ms. Marvel #46
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Sana Takeda
Only good thing: We see Moonstone in her old costume which is uplifting. Everything else: Shit. Catherine Donovan crap gets resolved. Moonstone is written as if she's supposed to be fucking moral and has issues with killing her ma (just fucking let her be all cool and ok with it like the psycho bitch she is). This just ended a bad, bad time for Ms. Marvel. I'm so sad Moonstone was used so incorrectly and even though I did complement some issues, the majority of this arc was total trash. I'd say that Ms. Marvel has the chance of coming back on this blog like any comic, but as far as I'm concerned, it's off the regular list.

X-Necrosha one-shot
Writers and Artists: Look 'em up
First off, LOVEEEE the variant cover. Next, the one-shot was mostly good, I can't say I felt a strong reaction towards it. I'm not excited to see Cypher's part in Necrosha, but Destiny is definitely going to be the one I follow. She may very well may be why I'm going to keep on with X-Men Legacy. Anyway, it's good but not amazing.

Spider-Woman #2 I have not read yet, and I'm not sure that I'll be reviewing this book just because of how it's made up. But I do LOVE it and I will be posting a reminder to get it every time it comes out with a fucking huge banner. Also, I discovered that all 5 of the latest episodes of this book as a motion comic are out on Hulu. I've watched all of them, I loved them, and I insist you do too. (Click on the Spider-Woman banner above for the link)

X-Men Legacy #228, Gotham City Sirens #5, and X-Force #20 were all pretty mediocre. Don't buy them and they'll probably still be on The List, but they would need to pick things up.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5 and New Mutants #6 are not getting attention this week because I didn't read them. DR: YA #5 I saw enough of to know it's still the same crap and I have to saw Cornell is a really disappointingly shitty writer. This limited series did damage to the YA in my opinion and honestly I'm more than thrilled it's done. NM #6 on the other hand is just that I'm lazy. I saw the preview, wasn't wowwed and it's just like meh. Do correct me if I'm wrong and tell me if it did amaze this month. But fucking look up the word amaze before you do so because I'm the furthest thing from in the mood for mediocre as you can see by this week's The List. NM will be back on The List though.