Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The List #14

X-Force #21
Writers: Chris Yost and Craig Kyle
Artist: Clayton Crain

X-Force returns to us this month with the better of the two rotating artists, Clayton Crain, covering Necrosha. Which I love considering his goth-y style. Choi's pretty pencils are better suited on a book less involved with frequently eviscerating people.

Looking at the Preview (Clickety) you see Vanisher returning to be almost cut by Tarot's Death card. Um. Yeah is it me or does Death look and move like one of the Reaper thingies from Devil May Cry 3? Yes/Yes?

Also in the previews we have probably the first time Crain really draws any real amount of the X-Men. And I have to say they all look mighty epic! And the colorful factor is really dazzling especially since that's never seen with X-Force's grey and black fashion preference. Oh and another epic moment made more epic with Crain is:

Yar, so Banshee is among the resurrected specifically picked out to disturb the almighty fuck out of Emma. Funny that, she's trapped in, y'know, emotionless diamond form. Whatever, a writer remembering Emma's time in Generation X is a gift anyway. Yeah and Sean and some others show resistance towards their programming. Which makes me wonder if that means they'd actually keep the resurrected mutants alive considering how resurrection-happy things have been already. It'd be sort of tragic since it'd just continue to show how little death means in the Marvel universe.

Now wouldn't that be exciting? I'd love the return of the Cuckoos best sisters. And a Jean appearance would of course be absolutely delicious. Imagine having God at your control. It's what Selene would have if she got Jean.

In the end of this issue we discover Selene is resurrecting all the dead mutants of Genosha, which is pretty much the inverse of Morrison's New X-Men and I have to say a really cool idea. Especially since I thought this crossover was going to be really simple and mildly boring. Now i'm sort of looking forward to it.

Dark Avengers #11
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

I usually love this series, but this issue there was only ONE thing interesting about it: We find out Victoria Hand is a lesbian! That's it.

X-Men Legacy #229
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Daniel Acuna

Most of this issue is Rogue running around trying to save Bling! and that's endlessly interesting in al the ways that aren't. I like Rogue, but she's only so interesting in these sort of "Search and Rescue" and "Run away!" situations because there's very limited opportunities for personality to come through. Good news though: Gambit finds out about Rogue going on the mission and throws a little bitch fit.

This is the second time Scott been all surfer-like. Seriously, no tightass like Cyclops goes around say "What's wrong,
man?" Like why doesn't he just start going "Aw bro, that sucks balls, dude!"
Oh and it turns out Gambit is still Death Archangel. The originality is staggering. At least he reflects on his transformation:

We see his abs.
We love his abs.
Shirtless Gambit is a good day.
Ok, people, you may want to start pressing the follow button on this blog. I think it's possible my voice is being heard by Mike Carey himself. For he heard my cries!! FOR MOREEEE........

Oh my good gravy Jesus she's more fabulous than condensed Gay Pride.
Ok, so to review: According to me and this blog, this character is a tranny, meaning transsexual, meaning delicious potential for character development. Anyway, I made a promise to Carey to sing his praise whenever he bothers to include Ariel in his series. Carey, if you are listening out there, I will keep continuing this promise and I want to up my offering: if you make Ariel a regular character on X-Men Legacy then I'll get a year's subscription. If you go with making her trans then I'll be two years. Not kidding, I'll scan the board that comes with comic book subcriptions to prove it. (I don't actually think he has any idea this blog exists or my love for Ariel, but on the off chance he finds this place, he needs to know my dedication to making Ariel get more attention.)

So she shows up and does the fabulous thing naturally. And I just have to say that I love that she watches daytime TV. I'd bet dollars to donuts she watches The View.

Belt it, Diva!
Ok, now I have to bitch. I know I said I'd sing Carey's praise. And I do, he's an amazing writer. I love him unconditionally for his time on X-Men before Legacy and for introducing Ariel into my life. But like your mother, I'll always love you, but you'll also never be completely good enough. My problem is this: Why do writers love Dr. Nemesis? They write him like such a cheap immitation of House it's sad. Like boys boys boys, stop using your House fan fiction to write him. And kill him off actually. But suppose that's too much to ask.

But love to Acuna for drawing the Cuckoos in an age-appropriate, non-slutty way. Now, I still don't like the schoolgirl gimmick, but it's hard to tell if that's what is being done here. The thing is: They're 16. Schoolgirl thing is often a sexualized deal and this is comic books where women are often sexualized. So I'm just saying the artists should take into consideration that half the students are Sophomore age and watch how they portray them since shit like Land's sexualized Pixie is one of the most creepy things I've ever seen. Seriously, that's unacceptable. Anyway, summary, good on Acuna for that one.

Conclusion, buy this issue because Ariel is in it. Check how I said that. I didn't say if you like Ariel, buy it. I said
buy the issue with the reasoning of because Ariel is in it. Get on it and Carey, X-pect a question from me about Ariel in your next X-Position.

Spider-Woman #3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
I know I seem lazy by doing this again, but A. I've had a frackin' exhausting week B. I want you to fucking watch the motion comics of this. K, so same as last time, this series is fucking epicly amazing. Watch it online and buy every issue that releases.


Luis Alberto said...

I love Clayton Crain work on X-Force, his pencils are wonderfull, all the issue is valuable just for that. And he draws the best Emma Frost in diamond form that I've ever seen in recent years:

I don't know about you but I loved this pic (and the entire page, of course) My ony complain about this is that Emma is emotionless in diamond form and when she found her dead hellions, she was affected by her emotions for them (maybe the trauma is bigger than her emotionless diamond form, who knows?)
I would like to see her regaining her senses and punch them lol.

About the Dark Avengers issue, I agree, they were bested by Molecule man (is that his name?), at least Moonstone was the only one who attacked him... Big (and really nice) surprise that Victoria Hand is lesbian, we need more gay characters with spotlight in the mainstream.

I don't know I'm starting to like Ariel too, lol and shirtless Gambit is always a gift so I'll read Xmen legacy later.

And finally the Spider Woman comic is the best comic to read on this days, everyone should read it!

Anyway amazing review as always.

X-23 said...

The Cuckoos in the next Legacy are drawn from a strange angle - meaning from under their skirts.
And they have DARKNESS in there. (happy Halloween)

Mr. Hellfire said...

@X-23, mmmm, a bit sketchy and omg ARIEL LOVE, so glad she's in next issue!