Monday, November 30, 2009

The List #15

Uncanny X-Men #517
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Greg Land
This issue is yet again full of the same issues a lot of the X-Books have been having post-Utopia. The first problem is that "Utopia" is visually uninteresting. This issue itself was rendered visually boring by only having a character on a panel with just either sky or sea behind them. And the island itself is usually just...brown. Comic books rely on writing and art coming together, so when one fucks up, the entire product is screwed. Yet another fun problem courtesy of Fraction.
Land isn't much better, look at the cover. Wtf is he doing with Psylocke just randomly on Namor. With no legs. This cover is total fail.

This issue pretty much revolves around fighting the Predators and considering my thoughts on Matt Fraction's battle scenes, you can imagine how entertained I was. And honestly, considering how powered up the X-Men are now, I do not buy the Predators being that difficult.

We also had another showing "surfer summers" this month:

Freakin' Magneto!? Dude, I mean, BRAW! What the fuck, braw, what the fuck?!
By the way, "surfer summers" is now a tag so we can all track the random transformation of Cyclops from tightass WASP (as in the acronym, not the insect) to bro.

Um, does having psychic abilities arouse the psychics?
Seriously, remember last post's rant on the Cuckoos portrayal? This shit is why. The Cuckoos are at least still high school age and these poses are definitely sexualized. Dis-gust.

Anyway, the issue itself was mildly interesting. It was so sad to see the Cyclops had to present Magneto using his powers on the metal-skinned Predators as a stroke of genius. It should've been the fucking default idea and considering the man used to threaten to shift the magnetism of the entire planet, he should've had no trouble, old and repowered in a funky way or not.
I have way too much love for the Daz panel. Seriously, Diva's one panel appearance is just powerful woman love. Also, I kind of like the gay icon is next to the campy image of Wolverine which is done by Land and is recycled so often it's ridiculous. Oh and I should mention in case anyone is wondering about what happened to my following the cameo queens, especially in those four posts following their appearances. After Utopia, there were way too many appearances of the cameo queens as background filler and I have nowhere near the time to follow all of that nowadays. So cameo queens posts won't be updated anymore, but they'll still get attention as they appear in the comics I read.

Storm came into the fight late and was addressing the Predator when she entered. It sort of reminded me of her animated appearance with her weather haikus. We had creative use of Rogue time, which was admittedly cool, but felt forced as if Fraction is desperately looking for someone to think he's badass.

In the end, the Phoenix left the Cuckoos which led to Cyclops telling Emma she needs the Void thing taken care of. I'm thrilled because that dumbass diamond move has affected her appearances everywhere, so it's still not her anywhere but Astonishing. Seriously, this has been since the beginning of Utopia. WTF. Anyway, I'm glad the Phoenix left the Cuckoos since that was a big damage of Phoenix Warsong. Hope they don't get portrayed as normal now that they don't have their "diamond hearts". Good news though is that Phoenix activity means one thing which I dread Fraction's hand being on the project of: Jean's coming back! But I remember what she once said:

I invite it to come burn away what doesn't work then.

Gotham City Sirens #6
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Guillem March
I adore the cover of this issue. Because I adore Ivy, of course. Sadly, this issue disappointed more than the last. It's depressing that a series the promotes three villainess' antics ends up rotating around men who have barely anything to do with the title. Seriously, it's the most sexist shit I've ever seen. When this book gets cancelled, which I'm sorry to say but it probably will, I would just like everyone to know why. I buy the book for Ivy and Harley. I expect their character's to be delved into. Not this 2-dimensional treatment their getting now. Don't argue that they aren't dynamic characters--I've got a massive folder of scans to prove otherwise. In the end, this is simply depressing. I was so thrilled to hear about this book when it was introduced too.

New Mutants #7
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Diogenes Neves
I have to say I regret missing and promoting the action of New Mutants #6. Turns out I missed Amara getting stabbed/shot/wounded. And Warlock being beheaded. This issue's pretty interesting as it delves into Cypher's problems with being controlled and his trying to fight it. It's intense except for that fucking stupid question he asks when he's trying to figure himself out: "What language am I?!?!" Fucking cheesy. But Wells is definitely taking this Necrosha, dead mutant deal seriously as we see Jetstream get cut in half this issue. Yay for upping the action of this series. Anyway, I don't have much else to say on this issue but buy it and that I love this line that Magik and Colossus share:


X-23 said...

Bad news for people with brains (lets call us... brainpeople!) - Fraction's going to stay on Uncanny X-Men after Nation X, he decided it to be the best choice. So, fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentleman, it's gonna be a long, sad journey.

P.S.: Really enjoy your blog, totally makes my day.

Mr. Hellfire said...

Ahhh, that's shitty news, but thanks for spreading the word.

And thank you SOOO much, you have no idea how much a compliment like that means to me:):)