Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The List #13

All right, SO this bitchy blogger has been sick since the fucking 21st of last month, I'm pretty much good now, but that's why you've been deprived of my snarkery. Here's the deal: During my sickness, I was going over and reading my blog and I feel like quality has taken a hit over quantity. I talk about a MUCH bigger variety of comic books than I did when I started out, but honestly the posts I did when I was only teasing Uncanny were my best. With this post I'm going to be loads more brief since I have too much to catch up on and I'm essentially going to talk about what comics are staying and which are going. Also, my tastes are made pretty clear by this blog, if you have a comic book series you think I'd like and would be a good addition to this blog, then speak up! Anyway, onward:

Dark Avengers #10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato
DA is finally back where it needs to be and it's beautiful. Now, a few problems include the f#@%ing gross flirtation between Moonstone and Bullseye. Honestly, I find it really unlikely that this shit would've taken place if Fraction had not tampered with her character and called her a whore. I honestly felt like BMB understood Ellis' demonstration of Moonstone as a woman who is honest about fulfilling her sexual needs without shame or subtlety. Instead, we get making her a whore. Lame and tired. By the way, The Sentry "dies" again. And no one cares because he isn't actually dead yet. BMB, this month it seems you have missed out on what things are tired and overused. These things are: making women whores and killing the Sentry. Don't do it. Otherwise, this book's coming always excites me and I'm rarely disappointed by BMB.

X-Factor #50
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Valentine De Landro
Underwhelming. This issue we wrapped a lot of mediocre, mundane plots. No use of X-Factor the team besides Layla and Madrox. Whatever, at least we might actually see X-Factor after this shit. Except in the ending bonus part of the issue we see the Franklin and Valeria Richards are being added to the cast. Or for the arc. Valeria is replacing Layla as precocious girl. Which is a shitty fix. And the Fantastic Four being involved in anything I read pisses me off since few characters irritate me more and cheese me out. You'll hear more about that in the next X-Factor reviews I'm sure. Anyway, my single biggest problem with this issue is the explanation of Layla's power (she brings things back from the dead but without "souls, lamesauce I know) sort of destroys the character. What's worse is Layla is apparently not a precog, but she just had knowledge of the next 80 years that was jumbled. Now I'm going to explain David's mistake with Layla. Layla was my largest draw to X-Factor when I bought it at #13. She was for a lot of other people too. Then she got put away for a bit during a big Madrox-being-amazing deal during which the amazing Pablo Raimondi was on pencils. Then she came back for a mediocre arc. Then some stuff happened. She left. She and Wolfbane get replaced by Darwin and Longshot, two characters who should've never entered the series as they have yet to have any real character time. I have barely any sense of personality with them. Plus the cast already was starving for attention as Madrox kept getting too much of it. In the absence of Layla, the book spent a lot of time being lackluster and not worth reading. She returned as a taciturn, full-grown woman. It wasn't fun and from there she's been turned from the girl that brought me in to the woman who I can't stand to read. Anyway, now we have more stories coming that'll likely focus too much on Madrox and still neglect the absurdly large cast. I'll stay with the book, but it'd best pick up.

Ms. Marvel #46
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Sana Takeda
Only good thing: We see Moonstone in her old costume which is uplifting. Everything else: Shit. Catherine Donovan crap gets resolved. Moonstone is written as if she's supposed to be fucking moral and has issues with killing her ma (just fucking let her be all cool and ok with it like the psycho bitch she is). This just ended a bad, bad time for Ms. Marvel. I'm so sad Moonstone was used so incorrectly and even though I did complement some issues, the majority of this arc was total trash. I'd say that Ms. Marvel has the chance of coming back on this blog like any comic, but as far as I'm concerned, it's off the regular list.

X-Necrosha one-shot
Writers and Artists: Look 'em up
First off, LOVEEEE the variant cover. Next, the one-shot was mostly good, I can't say I felt a strong reaction towards it. I'm not excited to see Cypher's part in Necrosha, but Destiny is definitely going to be the one I follow. She may very well may be why I'm going to keep on with X-Men Legacy. Anyway, it's good but not amazing.

Spider-Woman #2 I have not read yet, and I'm not sure that I'll be reviewing this book just because of how it's made up. But I do LOVE it and I will be posting a reminder to get it every time it comes out with a fucking huge banner. Also, I discovered that all 5 of the latest episodes of this book as a motion comic are out on Hulu. I've watched all of them, I loved them, and I insist you do too. (Click on the Spider-Woman banner above for the link)

X-Men Legacy #228, Gotham City Sirens #5, and X-Force #20 were all pretty mediocre. Don't buy them and they'll probably still be on The List, but they would need to pick things up.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5 and New Mutants #6 are not getting attention this week because I didn't read them. DR: YA #5 I saw enough of to know it's still the same crap and I have to saw Cornell is a really disappointingly shitty writer. This limited series did damage to the YA in my opinion and honestly I'm more than thrilled it's done. NM #6 on the other hand is just that I'm lazy. I saw the preview, wasn't wowwed and it's just like meh. Do correct me if I'm wrong and tell me if it did amaze this month. But fucking look up the word amaze before you do so because I'm the furthest thing from in the mood for mediocre as you can see by this week's The List. NM will be back on The List though.

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