Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #507

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Terry Dodson

I need to post a review about the latest issue in my comic book pile, Uncanny X-men #507. (I wrote this a month ago, decided it was better for this blog)

For a summary, look it up. Why? Because I'd link one, but can't find one easily so screw it.

To start, overall this issue is actually a sort-of improvement from the last few. The art is standard, Terry Dodson is good but nothing fascinating. They should be using their best, but they settle for fair.

Writing compliments and complaints:

Science club with Beast being its [cheer]leader. Mundane. The manly men who surround Beast and Archangel are so very....mennish. So very mundane. I'm so glad Psylocke is getting stuck with them because she will likely dominate the story. Beast going "OMG ARCHANGELZ AGAIN?!" Absolutely annoying and pointless. In a world that's constantly "changing," you know Beast would be like, "So, how'd this happen again?....Right, right. Ok. Coffee?"

Hisako and Pixie's appearance? Pointless cameos. Much like Karma and Dazzler's. Shouldn't they be used in a way that can't be filled by just anybody?

On the positive side, Madam Mayor was not the annoying tick she usually is. But Cyclops was up to his pseudo-badass ways again so it sort of evened out that good point.

And Colossus. Poor dear, now he's got a tattoo he has to carry in shame, Fraction has marked him for death. Seriously, there are no words that are going to correctly explain my annoyed feelings with Fraction's Colossus.

The end was absolutely mindless. "Erik?" "No. MAGNETO!" ...Oh dear, I hope my subscription runs out before this terribly original arc comes about.

If you have issue with my repetitive feelings on the Fraction issues then complain to Marvel to get him out of the position and put me in.
...What? I guarantee correct use of characters, limited badass moments and when they do occur it won't be to feed my insecurities in my masculinity, no science club, FEMINISM!!! Actual feminism, not a woman saying "WE'RE EQUAL!" for a second and then getting changed into some scraps of costume, and that I will demand better artists.

So we'll talk about my favorite fictional character in the universe. Here is where I am going to scrutinize every detail because I love and know Emma Frost. Know meaning I can tell if she's being written wrong. First, why does Emma just stand in front of the car? Distraction? I doubt it was really needed. Next is "You're never alone" blurb. Emma Frost does not express affection in a very obvious way. She rarely lets her guard down and for the most part her affection is a tidal wave of backhanded compliments. Stop Jeanifying her. Even worse was when she stopped Peter from killing Tattoo man. Emma doesn't care if people like that die. Why? Because she's killed some of them.

I liked seeing her hit people though, Fraction, you do make me happy for this especially since Emma is seen being helpless in Astonishing currently.

Now as for Emma and Shaw's interaction. This is probably the first time I've seen Emma as she really is in quite awhile. I like that she tortured Shaw. I don't like where she chose to concentrate. Sentinels and Genosha? Really? That's more appropriate for Cassie Nova. She worked for him for years. Likely had sex with His Fugliness. He treated her like some whore most of the time. I think Sentinels is way too big a stretch in this case. Still, yay torture from Emma.

And for next issue, I can only imagine what horrible images will come from it via Greg Land's talentless photoshop porn tricks. The finger in the mouth thing is the most ridiculous. Seriously, how horribly objectified must women be? Seriously, Marvel's taking a hit in sales and X-Men are definitely losing top team to the Avenger and one would think that in order to, y'know, MAKE MONEY, Marvel would reappraise their talent. Greg Land is a hated artist. Get. Him. Out. How dumb do you have to be to keep such a crap artist around?