Wednesday, August 26, 2009

X-Force #18 Review

Writers: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Artists: Mike Choi and Sonia Oback
I have to say that I'm surprised that this book got back on track so well. It's been a sort of lackluster drop for awhile now, I ended up dropping it when Messiah War started, but now it's come back in full force with this issue. Not to say I'm enthused for the upcoming crossover Necrosha because honestly I think it might be flat, but who knows, I might cover all of it.

To start, coming back from the cliffhanger of last issue with Surge possibly exploding, it turns out that Hellion saved her by guiding her blast away harmlessly. While this makes me glad that none of the X-Victims of the Leper Queen (Hellion, Surge, and Boom Boom), it also makes me sort of irked that there was all this tension for nothing. Unless you're a Fever Pitch or Beautiful Dreamer fan. I think. Did they die? I assumed they did when they popped, so why didn't Surge, she still popped? Whatever, on to more important things: Warpath.

If I could have any X-Man as a boyfriend, I'd TOTALLY go for James. He's just too fucking hot for his own good. In fact, his tag will be 'my boyfriend Warpath'. Anyway, the panel above was originally a soldier begging for his life with Warpath saying "No." But now it's me and a costume party with me as a soldier. And him saying yes to a date with me. XD Anyway, fucking yummy man.

This issue also contained the thrilling return of one of Emma's torture victims, Kimura! She's as insane as ever and I'm TOTALLY ready for her to start bitching about Emma. Mainly because I f#$^ing miss the days of Miss Frost acting like Miss Emma Grace Frost. More on her in a sec.

This issue also remembered that Rahne is a member of X-Force. I mean, she's still having total furry porn stories with Hrimhari or whatever his name his, but she's just doing her part.

What's most fun about X-Force is the revisiting of reanimated Caliban along with the return of Eli Bard and Wither. I for one am in LOVE with this page.

Normally I feel very iffy about posting a full page, but this page is TOO GOOD to keep to myself.

Also, fuck Logan for doing this:

My first nightmare ever when I was 5 was about red eyes in the dark. Thanks Logan. Doucheman. No wonder why I want to banish him to Limbo for ten years followed by an off-panel death.

Something I find VERY fun about Mike Choi is that he totally has a lower version of the disease that affects Bianchi, which is gay porn pencils. The guys' poses at times are totally kind of gay and the style itself is very bubbly and sort of a weird fit for X-Force. Personally I think Crain should be sole artist of X-Force, wax-y faces and all, but every so often I see a moment where Choi totally makes me ok with him being there.

Seriously, what cute butt cheeks he makes.
Plus he totally helps fuel the fire for Scott and Logan's secret love.
They just can never seem to get their hands off each other.

Now, the issue ends with a scene that is pure magic. If someone posts it somewhere I will definitely link it on this entry, but 'til then I'm not going to spoil it except saying that it's one of the best X-Force moments I've ever seen. Anyway, for those of you like me, who dropped for the book for a bit, get back into it, and for those who've never read it now's a good time to start.

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