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Tracking the Cameo Queens: Karma; Real Name: Xi'an Coy Manh

Welcome to the beginning of my new series of posts: Tracking the Cameo Queens. As you may know, since Matt Fraction's introduction at Uncanny x-Men #500 we've seen some old faces return. But as you may also know, they only appear briefly and generally do very little besides stir a little excitement for the fan bases of these characters.
This series is dedicated to keeping track of the appearances of the cameo queens. The criteria for a cameo queen appearance is for it to be an appearance that happens after Uncanny X-Men #500, both in release dates and in-universe meaning no First Class appearances or any sort of flashbacks as well as it has to be in the 616 universe. It also has to be a genuine appearance, so it can't be something like Illyana looking at a picture of the New Mutants and Karma just happens to be there.
The criteria for what is a cameo queen is basically the character has appearances in Fraction's Uncanny X-Men with limited panel time and it helps if the character is LGBT friendly. So far I plan to do a cameo queen following of Karma, Dazzler, Northstar, Psylocke, and most likely the Stepford Cuckoos. You the reader are more than welcome to correct me when I miss an appearance or you can suggest a character you feel is a cameo queen. These posts will be updated when a cameo queen makes a new appearance. Also, if anyone knows a code to get the text to wraparound an image on the right side for blogspot please feel free to share.

Anyway, our first cameo queen is Karma, aka Xi'an Coy Manh, who also doubles as queen of the headbands (which is her tag in this blog):

Uncanny X-Men #501
# of panels: 4
# of lines: Singing a song off her music player, so not counting it.
# of times using her powers: power signature at end of the issue.
Craption: Psionic mind-posession. Likes girls.
In this issue, Karma only appears at the end as a woman walking on the street who’s singing along with her music when she’s all of a sudden attacked but revealed to have been the bait to lure out the Hellfire cult.

Uncanny X-Men #502
# of panels: 5
# of lines: 7
# of time using her powers: Twice, but the first time is unsuccessful.
Craption: Psionic mind possession. Living bait.
This issue Karma is seen on the first page with her own panel as part of the active roster and also shown only on the first page of the opening battle scene. She discovers her powers can’t work on the Hellfire Cult so she simply leaves. Later on she’s called in to perform some sort of interrogation using some acupuncture thing. Which is useless, Emma could’ve just snatched the information out of the guy’s head. She’s seen exiting looking absolutely Land-ified with huge boobs, perfect face with long hair.

Uncanny X-Men #503
# of panels: 5
# of lines: 5
# of time using her powers: 0
Craption: Mind Posessor. Recreational Beer Enthusiast.
Karma this time only appears in the opening bar scene with Dani Moonstar and Cannonball. All she says is she likes beer and she agrees that a normal life sounds nice. Shown to be again, Land-ified.

Uncanny X-Men #504
# of panels: 4
# of lines: 9
# of time using her powers: 0
Craption: None.
Karma this time only appears on the last page of this issue to alert Scott and Emma to the release of the footage from Cooperstown, Alaska; the site of Hope Summers being born which caused a massive fight. She also asks what Emma and Scott are doing and when Emma replies that they were talking Karma stupidly mentions that their lips weren’t moving. This is from a psychic power. To a woman with psychic powers. WTF Fraction? Also, the way she’s drawn/acts seems to be more appropriate for Jubilee than her.

Uncanny X-Men #508
# of panels: 1
# of lines: Does NNNNNGGGGGGGKKKKKK-- count as a line?
# of time using her powers: 0
Craption: Psychic posession. Wasn’t crazy for the wrap-up of Battlestar.
This appearance was only one panel during the psychic attack, but had a lot more interesting things than any of her previous Uncanny appearances. First, we see her de-Landed which is made complete with her headband and full pajames. Then she’s shown in bed with another woman who’s naked. Probably the most risqué scene I’ve seen with lesbians in comic books, I have to give props to Fraction for that.

Uncanny X-Men #511
# of panels: 2
# of lines: 0
# of time using her powers: 0
Craption: Psychic posession. Underestimated and ignored a lot.
Karma this time appears briefly for two panels, one of them being Land-ified so that she’s duplicating Emma’s stance. She’s not even shown at the end of the battle with the rest of her team. Her craption is funny considering this was one of her least valuable appearances and most of her Uncanny appearances lack substance like no other.

Uncanny X-Men #514
# of panels: 4
# of lines: 0
# of times she uses her powers: 0
Craption: None
This is an appearance that I find questionable. Nowhere in the issue does it say that this Asian woman is Karma. And Dodson's women basically look the same. BUT what we can do is say, who's a part of Fraction's cast that is Asian and a woman: Betsy, Hisako and Karma. Betsy's been shown already, so we're down to two. Hisako's hair is generally longer AND this woman is being shown with two other cameo queens. So I assume this to be Karma with this being her most obscure appearance ever.

X-men: Manifest Destiny #1
# of panels: 41-ish
# of lines: Her third of the issue is almost all her, I’m not counting that one.
# of time using her powers: 5, the first time is for an extended period and the third and fourth are in a flashback.
Likely Karma’s most quality appearance during her time as a cameo queen. She basically gets a third of the issue and it’s generally Emma showing her that her control over her power is slipping. Then it’s a flashback and regret over Kitty’s death. Her little siblings tick her off, she lashes out and then she apologizes. That’s the REALLY short summary of it. Also, suppose it’s required of me to note that Karma looks extra frumpalicious this appearance.

X-Men Worlds Apart #4
# of panels: 7
# of lines: 7
# of time using her powers: 0
Karma’s appearance here is basically to show that she’s absolutely terrified of being taken over by Shadow King. Then Ororo fights a Shadow King-influenced team, noting that she takes out the telepath, Karma, first.

X-Infernus #2
# of panels: 5
# of lines: 3
# of time using her powers: 0
Karma’s appearance is limited to being surprised to see Illyana, helping the knocked down Kurt up, and serving as background filler in a meeting.

X-Infernus #4
# of panels: 3
# of lines: 1
# of time using her powers: 0
Karma is part of the team in the Danger Room that encounter the returning team at the end of the issue.

New Mutants #1
# of panels: 10
# of lines: 8
# of time using her powers: Essentially using her powers for the duration of her opening appearance.
This issue makes Karma’s first cover appearance since cameo queendom, in group shot. However, she’s not included in the non-wraparound group cover. Karma’s only speaking appearance is at the beginning of the issue where she wanders around the mindscape of Legion and essentially tries to talk to Marci. She’s later shown to be found unconscious.

New Mutants #2
# of panels: 28
# of lines: Too many to count, plus she’s sometimes shown talking through Legion.
# of time using her powers: Hard to say. She’s trapped on a psychic field in this appearance, but she does unconsciously attack Roberto once.
This appearance is definitely a quality one, she’s shown running through Legion’s mindscape with Marci away from Legion‘s other personalities. She gets possession of the doll which enables her to talk through Legion to her teammates and then she ends up getting conquered by the other personalities after trying to hide from them and also fighting them.

New Mutants #3
# of panels: 4
# of lines: 0
# of time using her powers: 0
This issue, Karma’s unconscious body is only shown.
That and her predicament is discussed.

New Mutants #4-Present
Considering Karma is a part of the main cast for this book, I'm going to stop updating on her New Mutants appearances since it's way too time-consuming. All other appearances will be noted though.

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia one-shot
# of panels: 5
# of lines: 4
# of time using her powers: 1
Craption: None.
Shown at protest concerning Prop X which erupts into a battle that is halted by Moonstone. That’s it.

Dark Avengers #8
# of panels: 1
# of lines: 0
# of times she uses her powers: 0
Brief appearance with all the other X-Peeps in the church.

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