Sunday, July 26, 2009

The List #4

Before I start I have to mention that this week's The List is very brief considering the amount of issues and also some of these titles are a bit new to me so I can only comment so much.
Wolverine #76
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

A positive aspect of this issue I'd have to say is the modifications done to Moonstone's costume:

Considering how crotch-tacular some artists get with this costume, I consider covering Moonstone up a bit a nice alternative. She's ungodly skinny here though. And sort of a flat personality-less version of herself. Whatever.

I have to complain though, I am absolutely bored by Daken. For the same reason that I disliked the Cabal: Too many similar personalities on one team. Daken has not proven to be anymore special than any of the other members of the team. Cold and calculating? Moonstone and Osbourn do it better. Vicious? Bullseye and Venom. All Daken's got is being the son of Wolverine, a mohawk, bad tattoos, and a questionable sexuality. Which is used frequently in conversation because it tickles fangirls yaoi-censors. Honestly, I think it's bullshit to cover up the fact that Daken's nothing new. Check here for this month's serving of Bi-Daken.

This series will not be returning to The List next month unless there's substantial improvement on this title.

Gotham City Sirens #2
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Guillem March

If you're like me and love Harley and Ivy (Catwoman's never interested me), then this is a must have series. In terms of this past issue, leave it on the shelves and read it from a friend or get the summary since only two things were accomplished in #2. One: Finding out the identity of Batman which obv didn't get anywhere. Two: Hush kidnaps Harley. While this issue was crap, I can see #3 being absolutely wonderful so stay tuned.
X-Force #17
Writer: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Artist: Mike Choi

After what was one of the most pointless crossovers, Messiah War, X-Force is finally back on track. This issue just ties up loose ends in a predictable fashion, but look for X-Force to get back to business next month.
Runaways #12
Writer: Kathryn Immomen
Artist: Sara Pichelli

Runaways has been suffering since Whedon left us, but not without first leaving us with another add-a-kid. Klara is her name and she's single-handedly fucked up the series since. Since now Molly has someone her own age, the series has spent more time focusing on Molly and Klara and been set for a mindset of other more her age. Except Molly's 13, not 7. Apparently the writers seem to think it's all the same, so Molly and Klara are being drawn as children rather than young teens and given the personalities and intelligence of 7 year olds. It's really annoying, but it seems Immomen is sort of getting Runaways back on track considering how serious this past issue was. If she can continue raising Runaways back to its former glory before Gert comes back then let me just say she's got my full support. My only worry is the fact that Runaways was omitted from the last set of solicits. Here's hoping it's just a break or a false alarm.
Ms. Marvel #42
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Sana Takeda

First off, I have to say that the crap anime artist returned for this issue, but he actually worked for this issue considering all the fighting. He weakens the series when there's more dialogue though. Next I have to say that this is the title I was most excited for this week and it was the one that came closest to delivering. My problem was the fight scene was sort of too much and dominated the whole issue without making progress. That and Moonstone is being used so poorly in this series. A cruel and manipulative woman very close to Emma Frost's personality could've been used infinitely more creatively. Instead: bad plot, pointless guest appearances, and now a fight scene that did nothing. Still, I can see a way that this may improve in future issues.

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