Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The List #3

X-Factor #46
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Marco Santucci

Before I even begin, my biggest pull factor to this next issue was the follow up of the kiss of last issue. Unfortch, RicStar was limited to one panel this issue. Here it is:

Still I wish there was more, but no worries, look at the fab cover of issue 50:

Aren't they so goddamn cute?
Moving onto the issue itself, I have a few things to say. The Monet and Darwin fight was admittedly fun especially in the Fraction era of poorly written fight scenes. But it sort of felt a little better than lukewarm which I feel is the general temperature of the book when there's not something "shocking". Or disturbing like Layla and Madrox. I just feel like this book needs some extra TLC even though I know David is probably busting his ass to make sure this book gets it.
Still, David adds in entertaining little moments that make me smile:

Another funny part was the Layla being "hurt" by Doom because I freaked like Ruby at first since I despise Doom. So to find out he's completely pathetic just feels right since it's how I've thought of him all along. Seriously, I've got zero respect for repetitive, megalomaniac men.

I'd also like to point out I enjoy the artist. He isn't my beloved Pablo Raimondi or Ryan Sook, but he certainly is better than that sales-killer Larry Stroma or whatever. A couple panels of interest:

A bit BJ-face-y, don't you think? Seriously dear, let's save those for Land.
And something I found absolutely odd to see:

Is Madrox not Michael McDonald from Mad TV in this panel. Seriously?
This issue also saw the return of Siryn actually doing something and using her powers considering her sidelined position as of late. Actually, it seems the entire cast of is sidelined half the time except Madrox and I understand that he's the star character, but for such a big cast I really have to say star character needs a timeout if EVERYONE on the team has so little spotlight time.

In other news, yet another unwanted resurrection has sprung up on us. This time it is one of the lamest you will EVER see. Who is it you may ask?

Trevor bloody Fitzroy. Tune in next week as I fully bash this poor plot point.

New Mutants #3
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Diogenes Neves

My initial thoughts on the revamped New Mutants were that it was lukewarm and I would not even bother discussing it here. But this issue impressed me enough to get a couple thoughts and hopefully promote this refreshing series.

Unfortch, I don't have a LOT to say, not for lack of awesome factor in this book, but for lack of thoughts to go with the awesome. I do have to say Sunspot is one sexy guy in this book and him and Cannonball are rocking a bromance that could nix the b. Other than that, it's all about Dani:

This past issue, Sam left Depowered Dani in a cell as a way to slow Legion from attacking her. I almost shit when I found out that this was a serious moment. I expected Sam to be revealed to be possessed. I read up on the latest interview with Zeb Wells and it's legit: Sam really did do that dick of a thing to Dani. Not to worry, she got back at him:

If Dani turns into someone like depowered Storm was then I am going to be hooked from here on out. Mohawked, independent Storm is the version of Storm I love the most and I wish Dani well on her journey to prove her usefulness to the team. I actually am rooting for a team leader position for her.

Also, just by the way, I plan on making a series of posts on tracking the cameo queens which will focus on Fraction's cameo queens Dazzler, Psylocke, Northstar, and Karma. I know that Karma's in her NM now, but she hasn't appeared at all this past issue so I feel she's still obscure enough to consider one of the queens.

Dark Avengers #7
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Luke Ross

Once again, I have to say the variant is better.
I'm sad to see this issue on The List since I thought I'd have more to say on it, but that's when I thought Bendis was writing. Fucking Fraction is dominating the X-World it seems.

Anyway, I'm glad it seems Beast is getting depowered in here, I suspected it was going to happen since the one-shot. It would definitely add spice to a character that falls flat a lot.

I loved this so much since Hellion throws mantrums way too often.
But why is Emma still flying around?

Group shot love! Even if it is glorified D-Listers and Namor and Emma!
About the fight, I felt it was the first well-done Fraction fight. It was the actual meat of the fight rather than the beginning and end like Uncanny has seen a lot.
This issue was generally better due to a fuck of a lot less speechifying. I even sort of like the Daken/Emma conflict. Except Emma was written with barely any personality for the second half of the issue. It was quite frustrating to say the least. That and Fraction seems to overuse her diamond form.
My biggest complaint though is one craption that sends me into pissy overdrive:

Fraction, do not fucking slut-shame and think I'll miss it.
Seriously, I'm sure you wrote Iron Man to be a total player and glorified it. But now Moonstone gets this shit? So men can be sex-positive, but women can't? Fuck off.

Last moment of calling out sexism comes from this cover:

Her boobs would not plunge forward you fucking twit! Although I suppose you'd have to sleep with a woman to know that. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine men who are objectifying women like this all day get very much success sexually.

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