Friday, May 1, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #508

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Greg Land

In this case, I will breakdown my complaints and compliments in the order they were presented in the comic.

First, what the hell was with that pointless Aiko story along with Domino's boring view of their world? Wasting space much? Personally, for her appearance I felt Domino had too much talk time with very few interesting things to say and minimal use of personality. Claremont-esque, no?

Then the next page when Logan hears Kwannon's body was stolen and he shouts and pops his claws. Oh you manly man, you. I am so sick of angry man syndrome at this point, I just wish for Logan's death.

Beast's science club meets again with one page dedicated to pointless talking and then Dr. Kavita Rao's reappearance, a character I have to say I am not thrilled to see is still alive. Then for the next page we hear for the umpteenth time that the Scarlet Witch has decimated the population. Really? You don't say! Then we hear about the baby AGAIN and Beast's barely useful findings in Endangered Species AGAIN. How many pages have we wasted so far?

Return to the Sisterhood where the Lady Masterminds are squabbling like children and wasting more panel time. Then finally something cool is going on, we have Betsy and Betsy's ex-body in the same room again.

Then another church scene between Emma and Kurt where Emma comes off as shallow and boring and Kurt is his annoying religious self. This little gem also comes from crappy porn artist, Greg Land. Wow, if she wasn't already being written badly, I'd be really pissed at how she's portrayed to be just any rich bitch.

Luckily, things pick up as Emma is asked to educate the Russian refugees on all sorts of things and she agrees which means she starts NOW. Her moment of nervous uncertainty is cute to see and then her nerves as she tries to settle herself into her new role. But as she begins, oh no wait for it, THERE'S ANOTHER ATTACK ON ALL PSYCHICS!!! We haven't seen this happen like 30 times in the past five years!! Bonus, cheesy titles to intro the psychics being attacked!! (Fraction, quit the hipster shit and just say who they are) One AMAZING thing that comes of this though is Karma is seen to be in BED with another woman. I'd be through the roof happy on this one if Land wasn't the artist drawing it. Also, she seems to be back to homely looking rather than the typical Land way of making girls get randomly long hair and super "hot" youthful looks.

Next part, I must gush about (and this is Fraction's writing so this is a first). Northstar!!! Now, not only is Northstar a cocky French bastard like me, but he's not afraid to say the GAY word and talk about his BEING GAY without overdoing it. Question though: Is Jean Paul Quebecois or not? I remember Austen wrote him saying he wasn't, but Austen is the Greg Land of writing so obviously I don't think that statement is researched. Still, something I wonder about. Or it could be like my Uncle who's SO QUEBECOIS and fits the stereotype so WELL but will never admit it. Also, Fraction you get big points for mentioning poutine which is like HEAVEN since everyone should know of the joy that is a Canadian poutine. Also, mild slap in the face to Austen for having Northstar ask Logan if this is just a gay mascot job offer. Fraction, writing Jean Paul is your calling because for the first time your writing is solid gold with this scene.

Next, we have the psychics waking up (AGAIN!) and we get treated to recycled Land image with Emma as the target again:

Look at that awkward arm. Not that the original image is any better, while less awkward in drawing, it's awkward because Emma is hiding behind a wall while Cyclops is pointlessly torturing a man. As if she would not be present and eating popcorn! Or just simply, she'd never fucking hide when Cyclops know she's there.

Next scene we have Miss Betsy being put back in original British body. Massive points to Fraction if he can: A. Write her correctly with personality, but not with one scarily close to Emma's B. Keep her in British body.

In summary, this issue went from terrible to good to fucking awesome to good. Fraction has finally set himself up on a platform where if he succeeds he can definitely turn me from writing mainly complaints to compliments. One biggie is learning how to write Emma correctly though, I will gladly give a writer's workshop to any writer willing enough to listen to my obsessive rants and reccomendations.

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