Friday, May 1, 2009

Dark Reign: The Cabal

As is the case with most of my posts on the Cabal, I'm pretty much going to comment mainly on Emma with only a couple things to say on the other stories.

I just looked up what was going on in the Dr. Doom story and I am not pleased. Emma being tied up to Dr. Doom's fucking chair as a sex slave is ridiculous. Please fucking die Doom, your arrogance pissed me off so much throughout this one-shot. Loki being tied up, whatever, she can turn into a man and make his masculinity feel challenged. The story in it self was good besides the Emma sex slave part, but what I want to talk about is the artist: ADI GRANOV! (click here to see). AND he made a fucking amazing costume for her which should be used instead of that shitty edit made to her AWESOME costume.

Continuing on The Hood story had egh art with an egh story up until the end. That part was good. Namor's story was good except the art used was ridiculously unattractive. Namor's a guy who lounges in his speedos ALL day. Give him an artist that will give him a sexy edge. Also, I noticed that Namor and Northstar are very similar creatures in the arrogance sense. Of course, A LOT of Marvel men are full of....themselves. Still, resemblance? I think so at least. Loki story was boring. I've never been a Peter Milligan fan and this just reinforces that. And I'm sick of Doom and his arrogance, I wish for his death at the end of this.

Now to the main event: Emma's story.

The artist was fine in this case even though last time since she was in the Hellfire club in the artist's (Daniel Acuna) pages she just looked like a cheap French whore so it looked terrible. Felt like too much perfume in a small room. Still, not Adi Granov. I liked that even paid attention to minor details like what Emma was wearing when the sentinels attacked since it barely differed from the usual and he even put in layered hair like it was.

Fraction finally wrote Emma like I want! Concerning the morning of the 16 million mutant massacre, Emma discusses how it was just any other Tuesday and says, "I said something dumb and bitchy masquerading as clever and naughty and mean. My first refuge when I've got nothing else to say." YES! Now you're getting it! There are just so many things that are finally correct with Fraction's Emma.

Revisiting her family sort of undid the damage done by that talentless crap Emma Frost series. We finally see Emma as she was in New X-Men #139: Flat-chested and scrawny. Everything is back as they should be although Christian looks old again which I wish he'd A. Be brought back B. Not as an old man since he can't be more than a few years older than Adrian.

I also love that Emma's motive for teaching was explained. The fact that she teaches to help kids that were in her place is a wonderful reason.

Finally, Emma Frost has been written right by Matt Fraction! I've bitched long and hard and it's like fate's responded. Or Fraction caught my bitching on CBR? One problem: It was all review and not a new story though it did show new insight into her character and was definitely her voice. After my first day of good quality Fraction I am excited to see where Uncanny X-Men #509 goes since I still don't have it.

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