Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comparisons: True Blood's Pam and Ariel

This post is actually fulfilling a request from Bonez_Giovanni I got not too long ago. He had suggested I make a post on the similarities between these two and at first, I'll admit I didn't see it (but that's mainly because I was still on season 1 of True Blood). However, you'll notice that there are quite a few interesting similarities between these two glamorous ladies.


The first similarity is that these two would be considered cameo queens. Why Ariel qualifies can be found [here]. In terms of Pam, if she's ever appeared in an episode for than a few minutes then I'd be absolutely shocked. If you watch the show then you know that Pam's appearances are not frequent, and, while amusing, are rarely meaningful which would be the mark of a cameo queen. Also, they both belong to works of superior quality next to a related, more popular work. In Ariel's case, she's the cameo queen for X-Men Legacy which is not the X-Flagship; that would be Uncanny X-Men. However, you'll notice that Legacy is superior in quality to Uncanny, and if you're wondering why I say that, just read my Uncanny reviews which are more like rants facading as reviews. Pam is a part of True Blood which is one of the two major vampire titans of this time. The other being Twilight which is, again, the more popular series, but it also is lesser in quality and also seems to be trying to kick feminism in the teeth.

In terms of look, both these women tend to dress glamorously in bright colors. Now, you'll notice for Pam this is not always the case because you can find her in cliche goth attire. However, you'll notice this is only her work clothes for Fangtasia, and otherwise she's generally wearing something fashionable and pink. Ariel is very much the same way, she's usually got her blazer and has been known to wonder whether or not she should belt something. And as demonstrated in this panel, she does work to keep her friends ahead of the fashion times even though she made Sunspot look like a transvestite.

Also, it's important to note that despite their bright clothing, both these women are not as chipper as their clothes might suggest. Ariel's generally mouthy and Pam's just as deadly as her fellow vampires as she reminds us in this [video].


Both of these women used to "work" illegal occupations, while with the Fallen Angels Ariel was a thief and before Pam was turned she was a prostitute (check in the video link above for evidence). Also, they have worked illegally in someone else's name, for Ariel it was as a thief and recruiter for Vanisher and for Pam it was when she was the middle man for Eric by selling the drug V. Also, with their current employment, Pam at Eric's side at Fangtasia and Ariel with the X-Men, they both are found to be lazy but loyal. Both have given lip when they're told to do something, and while never seeming all that invested in the task, they do it because they are asked. In both cases you'll find they get screwed over for it, with Ariel is when she was the teleporter for Alpha team in Second Coming and went boom. In terms of Pam, possible spoiler, but she's about to take the fall for selling V and will be tortured for it [Proof].


Both of these women are non-human, Ariel an extra-terrestrial and Pam a vampire. And as far as I'm concerned, neither of them are heterosexual because as of this past episode Pam is definitely confirmed as non-heterosexual and if Ariel is not a tranny of joy like I've declared, then she's at least a lipstick lesbian. They also both have "betrayed" their own kind, Pam for selling V and Ariel for objecting to the tests her people were committing on mutants. Also, both of them have abilities that allow them to manipulate people. With Pam, while we've never actually seen her do it, it's a given that she can do this as it's part of the default powerset for vampires in this series. With Ariel, she's the first mutant of her people and it's her mutant power to convince people to do what she wants.

And that's why my two favorite sour puss cameo queens, Ariel and True Blood's Pam, are similar. Also, two other people I've found similar to Ariel for different reasons:

This picture of Cyndi Lauper is so Ariel it's ridiculous. I mean she's even got the hair. And who better to compare our cameo queen, who originated and is stuck in the 80's, than to an 80's icon who's fame is mostly stuck in the 80's?

I can't believe I didn't see this one sooner.
Possibly deserving it's own post, MadTV's tacky, overglammed bitch, the Vancome Lady could so have been the inspiration for Ariel's revamp.

Oh and before I go, an update for Ariel is her inclusion in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #3 that comes out in August [image here]. And that's it, I leave you all with the juvenile joys of True Blood paper dolls and bingo cards.


Bonez_Giovanni said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this comparisons post because as usual, you're hilarious but you also noticed more comparisons between the two than I thought of.

That vid between her and that other hot bitch Lafayette was the best part of the season opener. "You picking up what I'm putting down?" Luvs It!

I Luv, Love, LOVE Pam and unfortunately I saw the spoiler clip and if what I think may happen to her happens my heart will shatter like Emma Frost circa 2003 :'(. Doesn't Allan Ball know Pam is a gay icon and should be treated as such. If Pam dies a million baby penguins will instantly lose their will to live (Truth!). Sorry Mr. Hellfire for the rant but my life support depends on the snark, sass, side eyes and glam that is Pam.

If I lose her at least there will be Lafayette to shimmy, sashay and stomp on dumb Ho's left and right... I can live with that :P

Also, did you hear the Emma Frost news with Alice Eve being cast as your wife in the next X-Film? I was ready to hate and quit her ass until I wiki'd her and noticed we share the same b'day (which warmed her up to me a bit) and she's actually British. At least the Emma English accent will sound authentic

Mr. Hellfire said...

It's really unlikely anything staying will happen to her because her popularity's grown quite a bit. She's referred to often enough in articles with tons of praise despite not having that big of a role and I think Ball would be shooting himself in the foot if he killed her before giving the fans more of what they demand.

And I did indeed, I'm hoping my $9 is actually worth it this time though because the Emma of Wolverine Origins disappointed.

Bonez_Giovanni said...

I think you're right. I think yesterday I was "having a moment". Besides, what you see in the trailers often isn't what it seems, similar to comic book covers.

I know you're a HUGE Emma Frost fan but what exactly disappointed you? The actress, her background, her 3 minute screen time or all of the above?

Despite her short time in the film, I think if they expanded Tahyna Tozzi role, I think she could pull off a good Emma Frost. First, I think she's incredibly beautiful especially if you check out her IMDB pics. Second, coincidently enough, she starred in a film titled Beautiful where she played a teen seductress. I didn't see the film but I saw a few clips of her talking about it on youtube, she just seemed Emma esq. I'll have to check out some of Alice Eve's films too.

Mr. Hellfire said...

Basically I felt like some tan woman who just sort of is an everywoman really doesn't fit. My enjoyment of Emma hinges on her unique way of sounding in any situation, never giving the seriousness of any danger the respect it deserves.

Plus honestly, I like Emma as pale, strong-faced and white-blonde. Basically, sort of drag because you know she's not naturally these qualities, she works for it, and it's really just fun.