Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tracking the Cameo Queens: Ariel

For all those of you who miss my following of the Cameo Queens, allow me to introduce the new Queen of Cameo:
Those of you who have read my posts on X-Men Legacy likely have already read more than enough about my odd adoration over this briefly seen tribute to the 80's. Also, for some reason I am absolutely convinced the character is a male-to-female transsexual, and would adore to get that into cannon. But for now, Ariel is simply the fabulous cameo queen who's especially special because she's a cameo queen of the divine Carey as opposed to the disappointing Fraction. Anyway, on with the diva worship!

X-Men Legacy #226
# of panels: 3
# of lines: 5
# of times she uses her power: 1
As her first appearance since the late 80’s, Ariel shows up to let Gambit know that she’s here to dethrone Dazzler as the true cameo queen. And from then on, I adored this true 80’s diva.

X-Men Legacy #227
# of panels: 7
# of lines: 5 of them are repeat from last issue, 5 new ones.
# of times she uses her power: 1
Ariel comes to collect Trance and fails miserably at collecting her. But not at displaying how absolutely fabulous she is.

n Legacy #229
# of panels: 7
# of lines: 12
# of times she uses her power: 1
This appearance Ariel shows up to help the X-Science Club as well as letting the world know what’s important in life: nail varnish, daytime TV, and belting outfits.

X-Men Legacy #230
# of panels: 2
# of lines: 0
# of times she uses her power: 0
This appearance she makes two lineless panel appearances. In the second one she looks like DC's The Question considering her lack of face.

X-Men Legacy #234
# of panels: 1
# of lines: 1
# of times she uses her power: 0
Cameo queening like a true diva, Ariel is caught thinking about the subjects that really matter in today's society.

New Mutants #12
# of panels: 1
# of lines: 0
# of times she uses her power: 1
A one-panel cameo of epic proportions, Ariel comes in at the most glamorous time (and in the most fabulous way) just as Cyclops tells Wolverine that Ariel is the new long distance teleporter.

X-men Legacy #235
# of panels: 6
# of lines: 10
# of times she uses her power: 1

The ultimate heartbreak occurs this issue as Ariel is promoted to being the main teleporter and dies within the same issue. We see her as she brings Rogue to Alpha team and she ends up staying with the team, making the poor choice of riding in a vehicle with Wolverine and X-23. She ends up being killed by missiles sent at the vehicle. Though there is a possibility she may have teleported in time as she was right next to a door, we still mourn her. RIP the Queen of Cameo.


FSaker said...

Ariel, a transexual? Well, I barely know her (or him, whatever) and most readers probably don't know Ariel either, so I guess Marvel could do that to her without many people complaining about their favorite character being retconned into a different gender...

Changing subjects, will you review this week's Uncanny X-Men #522, with the return of everyone's favorite (...not) Kitty Pryde? If so, will you please make a small note about Fantomex giving Psylocke some flowers? I don't know if this is true, but I read some spoilers somewhere...

And why didn't you post any picture of Storm going all Oprah in Nation X? Was the story that bad, or that unremarkable?

Mr. Hellfire said...

Hmmm, my thoughts exactly. Besides, Marvel would need to at least start the process of having trans characters. Or at least ones I'm aware of, since I'm pretty sure there are none. And of course, Ariel already seems like an LGBT-friendly character considering her glam factor, so I don't think it'd be out of left field.

And OH I WILL, I'm so ready to see what crap happened in this month's.
I'll review it just as soon as I have it as well as the other 2 (maybe 1 depending) issues I need for this week's post. And I will definitely see what is up with this Psylocke/Fantomex business!

Meh, that unremarkable, and I felt like my commentary past that line would've dragged down the post.

Bonez_Giovanni said...

Ariel was an exquisite gem that was sent to us from lucite heaven. She's what little gay boys dreams are made of (myself included). She will be ever so dearly missed :'(

Since my favorite shows return.. True Blood... I been wondering. Is it just me or do you also think Ariel was reincarnated into Pam? Ok, maybe not reincarnated but the closest thing we have to a live action Ariel.

Pam (...next to Lafayette) is the only Ho on that show to bring the glam, the sass and the high fashion (they both love pink too). Pam has always been one of my top 3 faves (along with Lafayette, duh! and Marryann). Just like Ariel she was also a Cameo Queen of sorts if you watch season 1&2. But this season, she will be an up and center Ho piece ... Oh wait that was a "Long, Long time ago" :P

If you see the comparisons would you make a comparison post like you did with Emma and Gaga! Please! Only a true fan of Ariel and someone of your wit can make this comparison. You're hilarious :D

Mr. Hellfire said...

Oddly enough, I'm one of the few who's yet to hop on the True Blood bandwagon, but it's something I plan to get around to this summer.

And if I can generate enough similarities to get a full-on post, I will definitely make a comparisons post, Pam sounds like an exciting character.

Bonez_Giovanni said...

I'm telling you.. you will fall in love with her. She's something special. As for the show, I think you'll like it because it's one of those shows that doesn't take itself to serious, besides, it has a wide variety of characters for anyone to favor or relate too. Also, sorry for assuming you have seen True Blood. I got so excited that I overlooked that you may not have seen it yet. In the meantime, here's a snippet clip from last weeks season premiere with Pam and Lafayette:


Mr. Hellfire said...

I actually just started today and she indeed seems to be a wonderful cameo queen. But I have to say the person I'm most excited to see is Evan Rachel Wood's character in Season 2, she looks like FUN.

Bonez_Giovanni said...

She is FUN and a really great addition to the show. She has a really cool scene during season 3 with Eric the Vampire. Lets just say she's no joke.

What's fun about her character is she doesn't like to live by the Vamp law and is fond of moral anarchy.

I hope you're enjoying the show so far.