Sunday, October 24, 2010

The List #43

New Mutants #18
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Leonard Kirk
The plot thickens this issue as we discover that the Limbo mutant team of superpricks are actually the Inferno babies that the government took over care for. Well, it would seem they've done a fabulous job of raising them as now they're all kinda gross and messed up. Definitely points go to Wells for a nice use of New Mutants continuity that makes it so that knowledge of NM history heightens the drama of the story, but isn't essential to enjoy it.

This issue is basically a fight scene with New Mutants vs. the Inferno babies, and proving, like I've said before, that the New Mutants are a poor team power-wise. All of them get their asses handed to them, even Magma whose likely the group's most powerful member. The unfortunate thing is that these other mutants have odds and ends powers like our heroes (the power of language, invulnerable jet blasts), but theirs are definitely a step above. Except one problem:

Not quite as sexy indeed.
Yeah, these mutants, while actually modified by the gov to be this way, definitely look more like the part of 'mutants' than the NM. Notable brawls this issue included Dani's fight with the sadistic nut who insisted on really giving shit to Dani due to her powerless status. The climax of this is while holding Dani's arm behind her back the evil bitch ends up snapping something. On the other end of the spectrum, Cypher proved to be completely useless as he attempts to stop the battle by talking it out. He then easily gets overtaken by the Inferno mutant who can speak backwards to manipulate people. I'm so not excited for inevitable 'I used the powers of language to turn it back on her!' scene with obligatory 'badass' undertones. Why did Cypher have to resurrected, WHY?

Conclusion: This issue is a decent one in an overall mediocre arc. That's pretty much it.

X-Factor #210
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Valentine De Landro
If you hate Rahne, you'll really hate her this issue. She spends most of the issue picking at Rictor for his relationship with Shatterstar despite being the intruding bitch who's lying about her pregnancy. Also, her and Rictor are sort of together this issue, holding hands and whatnot, and it's just really disgusting how she's completely ok with stomping all over Rictor's relationship with Shatterstar and even going so far as to expect Rictor to be with her on ignoring it. One scene in particular is where she comments on how she never sees Rictor laugh, and then needles him by saying:

Um yeah, bitch and, as the unwanted baby mama, who the fuck are you to be jealous?
Meanwhile this issue Monet shares the spotlight with Rahtor by having a case with a woman who claims to need help erasing her PTSD from having been in Iraq. Despite her instincts saying 'Bitch, something's up', Monet agrees to do it and at the end of the issue it turns out she unlocked this woman's guiltlessness so she can kill as the unheard of villain Ballistique. Too bad I've already seen this episode play out in the Charmed episode 'Primrose Empath'. Sorry Monet, someday you'll do something actually interesting.

Back to the baby mama drama, Rahtor pay a visit to Dr. Castillo who you may remember from the first arc of X-Factor (so very long agoooo) who specializes in superhero anything it seems. While attempting to perform an ultrasound it turns out Rahne's stomach is impenetrable which Dr. Castillo determines to be a mystical block. Uh-oh, shit comes out then, and Rictor turns to Rahne asking her what's up as the issue ends. Yup. That Rahne's a bitchmonster.

Conclusion: Pretty good issue, kind of low key, but definitely within the same sort of quality that we've been seeing lately. I'd definitely recommend everyone get in on this melodrama.


Wonder Man said...

I'm slowly getting into the New Mutants' storyline

Mr. Hellfire said...

I definitely feel like it's a hard one to get into, and for me it's the fact that it's yet another Limbo story.