Friday, February 12, 2010

New Mutants #10 Review + News

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist for Japan scenes: Paul Davidson
Artist for Utopia scenes: David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Before I begin, what the hell is with all the Deadpool variants this month? I'm sorry, but is a comedy-driven character really meant to have this much exposure? Seriously, a lot of what I've read of him is just cheap humor. Quality over quantity, people. But what Deadpool says is interesting enough because indeed Scott does have his hand over Emma's piece. Which is sort of symbolic considering how much he's been silencing
her lately due to her pesky logical suggestions.

This issue begins with Sauron and the other Savage Land mutates attacking a ship in Japan in order to go to Utopia because they think Magneto is in control of Utopia. New Mutants go in to diffuse the situation which means time for an action scene! Something interesting about the Savage Land Mutates though:

They have Conan the Barbarian on their team?
Anway, Wells has some pretty good moments with Dani being a badass and Sunspot's humor this issue. For instance, Dani turning the X-Jet too harshly at one point, causing Sam to fall out, and when Karma tells her of this she's just responds oh whatev, he can fly. I also enjoyed how Sunspot referred to Cypher and Warlock:
Back on Utopia, Scott and Emma are watching how the New Mutants take care of the situation. Emma badgers Scott asking what he's up to and she ends up having to figure it out on her own:
Indeed, Scott is looking for a leader amongst the New Mutants and apparently he's not focusing in on Sam as one would assume. Which thrills me, even the idea of Cyclops not running the X-Men anymore just makes me salivate. Also, the art for the Utopia scenes is done by two artists. Which is a joke. A significant amount of the panels were Emma or Scott with a blue background. It's worse than when Land does it because it's just a fucking shade of blue. The only positive to this art was that Emma's costume was put back into pre-Bianchi edit besides the X in the center of her cleavage and the bodice is split down the middle. Also, something Cyclops mentioned this issue definitely caught my eye--->

Yeah, because it fucking happens so often. Kate Pryde, Rachel Summers/Grey, Cable, Bishop, Layla Miller, and now this version of Magik. It's been the focus of the past two years with the Messiah Complex and X-Factor and Cable have barely left any of that crap yet. Someone coming from the future to tell the present that it's doomed is as overused as possession on Charmed. Or actually, the same idea fits for Charmed too.

Back in Japan, it turns out Worm is controlling most of the other mutates, and now half the New Mutants, in order to drag them all to Utopia. Dani and Karma take him on with Karma shining by entering Worm's mind to correct him. Essentially the gal's saved the day which I always enjoy. In the end, Worm and the mutates just go back to the Savage Land because they're too dangerous for Utopia and Japan's like, "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries."

Conclusion: Wells is strong yet again, but the artists sort of fail the story this time around. Davidson was sort of a flop with the battle scenes, but otherwise enjoyable. And the Lopez's were very middle school comic book
making. Buy it if you've bought the other issues.

Oh and also, I've got some news:
  • Strap on your roller skates and get out your Lady Gaga face paint, this May Diva Dazzler is getting her own one shot and I will definitely be covering this campy event. Source: [CBR].
  • Apparently Emma was in last week's Wolverine Weapon X #10 where she acted exactly like she always should: Creepy, cold, and kind of psychotic. Find the scans here and here.
  • In this week's X-Position with the editors, my favorite question was this: "How do you guys see Cyclops, Xavier, and Magneto right now? Many people feel like Xavier and Magneto have regressed from "X-Men: Legacy" to their appearances in "Uncanny X-Men" and that they're acting "out of character."" It received a bullshit answer, but I love open criticism of Fraction's crap writing. There was also an X-Men Origins: Emma Frost one-shot mentioned which irritates me because the idea of Fraction writing it just boils my blood.
  • Along with many other spoiler-full teasers, we got the announcement of Luke Cage leading the new Thunderbolts, which has a roster that includes my beloved Moonstone. Guess that's yet another person we know is not dying in Siege. Which is almost a good spoiler considering I'm still mourning Ares. [Newsarama]
  • And that's all for this week, next week I'm going over Dark Avengers #14, Psylocke #4 (the conclusion issue!), Spider-Woman #6, and Uncanny X-Men #521.

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