Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back Issue: New X-Men #156

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Salvador Larroca

For this bit, I'm going back in time and returning to the very last New X-Men before that team became Astonishing. Now while Chuck Austen has screwed up a lot of things X-Men-wise, I don't consider "Bright New Mourning" to be a mess, just potentially unnecessary.

Basic summary: Emma and the Cuckoos along with mutants and the mayor or owner of the Salem X-Corp are all trapped in said building. Beast and Cyclops argue about how Beast thinks Cyclops is too impulsive and moved on too fast. They go to rescue Emma and Germaine, Mindee's new boyfriend starts a fire to make things worse since the mob outside was breaking in. And he dies. And Emma says to Scott that she's starting a school with or without him. Scott goes to consult Jean's grave and talks about getting things set up to go to Astonishing.

My thoughts are this: I liked this issue because we get to see Emma yell at people a lot and insult them. Not much else happens, the Cuckoos are doing their act of "Miss Frost we don't like you" which is tired. There was an unrealistic moment in there where Cyclops gets shot in the arm and then catches diamond Emma falling three stories. Even at his strongest, catching Emma from that height would likely kill the almighty shit out of his arms.

The art in this issue is crud. Emma has a weird six pack which is yet another portrayal of her in a manly way despite the fact that it's stated often that she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Overall it is kind of awkward and simple and just looks rushed.

Overall: Nothing spectacular. Good if you like hearing Emma bitch up a storm. And to see her bitch at a Storm refer to X-Treme X-Men. I only bought it to sort of complete my New X-Men collection since I'm getting New X-Men Volume 3 and that would make me only need New X-Men Annual 2001 to complete my collection.

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